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Paperclip hit Queen Mary Refreshers

Welcome to the first update of 2019!

2018 was a busy year for Paperclip and we haven't slowed down since. The team at HQ have been busy building new marketplaces for our university and corporate clients as well as adding new exclusive offers and discounts for student users.

This week, the Marketing Team headed to central London for the Queen Mary University of London Refresher's event to promote the QMSU Paperclip marketplace.

queen mary, su

The Ambassador Team in party mode at Queen Mary!

Every year, thousands of students flock to the Queen Mary Students Union to join societies, clubs and take advantage of the student deals available through the SU's corporate partners.

More new faces...

Over the Christmas break, we have been adding to the Queen Mary Brand Ambassador  team, with second year IT student Oghosa and third year Maths students Gurdeep joining the ranks.

Oghosa, originally from Essex, said "I am thrilled to be joining the team. I had heard about the marketplace from some of my friends around campus and when I learned that I could make some extra cash from promoting the marketplace around uni, I was keen to get involved."

Speaking after the event, Paperclip Marketing Manager Justin said "It was a great event and we are pleased to be adding another 200 plus new users to the Queen Mary SU marketplace. Though today was really busy, it proved a good opportunity to connect with the students we didn't get to speak to during Fresher's week and those enrolling in January."

What's next for Team Paperclip?

Over the coming weeks, the Paperclip team will be attending similar events to promote our student marketplaces at Keele University, Imperial College London, University of Southampton and more. We will also be attending Refresher's events at two new brand new client universities at different ends of the country. Check out next week's blog to find out which universities have joined the Paperclip family.

Could your university benefit from a bespoke student marketplace? Get in touch here.

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