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September 19, 2019 - No Comments!

Introducing a very special investor…

Today marks a very special day for Paperclip; the team at HQ are delighted to welcome David Buttress, co-founder and former CEO of Just Eat as a new investor.

Technically, David invested his funds last year as one of the very first investors in this round in the early stages, but as we are only now completing everything it feels like the right time to announce David’s involvement.

David got involved with Just Eat in the early days, back when the startup was based in a basement out of Denmark. From there, David launched the UK side of the business, and ultimately ended up taking the concept from that basement to a multi-billion IPO as CEO. In terms of a founder/CEO, David has essentially completed ‘the game’.  Given this, we are immensely proud to have David involved with us, and our opportunity came when he decided to step down from Just Eat to spend more time with his family.

As a bit of background...

Our founder Rich first became of David Buttress back in 2014 when first starting out with Paperclip. It was by chance he accepted an invitation to a networking event at a private bank in London, and David was one of the speakers.

Describing their first meeting Rich recalled, "Firstly, I was blown away by the professionalism of the presentation: it was so slick and polished, and it was mind-blowing to hear way David spoke about things like international expansion. Back then, I recall him saying things like ‘the US has some very well- funded and fast moving competition in this sector, and so we will turn our attention to less developed markets like Latin America in order to rapidly scale and hoover up global market share’. To a pseudo-CEO with an MVP in development, it was a bit of a turning point moment that things could in fact turn real – that my abstract and conceptual business plan might one day actually be delivered.

Secondly, I could detect a slight Welsh twang during David’s presentation, and after some quick Googling I was so utterly inspired to learn that – like me – David was a Welshman! This was a huge motivational leap for me, learning that such an enigmatic co-founder and CEO of one of the UK’s most well-known (and fastest growing) marketplaces was in fact from Wales… meant that perhaps I could make something of Paperclip as well.

Fast-forward four years and I found myself mentoring a 17 year old named Dafydd on his startup idea at the Natwest Accelerator. Dafydd happened to be a friend of David, and so introduced us. The rest is history...

David Buttress Just Eat CEO Rich Woolley
David and Rich at the Principality Stadium back in 2018

It’s worth noting that I had tried to get in touch with David many times throughout the years on LinkedIn, etc – but clearly someone of this stature is inundated by investment opportunities, and so I never really expected a response. I guess this shows the power of a personal introduction!"

We’re all so excited to benefit from David’s wealth of experience as one of the top marketplace CEOs to have ever come from the UK.

We're still open!

Our latest investment round is still open, and though we have reached our target of £300,000, there is still four weeks remaining for you to get involved.

Join David (and our other 200 investors) in being a part of our award winning start up. Head to our Seedrs page for more info...

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Solent joins the party!

Back in the summer of 2018, Paperclip reached out to the team at the Southampton University Students' Union with a proposition: to create a bespoke trading platform for students at one of the UK's fastest growing unis.

That September, we launched the SUSU marketplace and were blown away with the response from the student community there. Our Marketing team, along with our army of Student Brand Ambassadors tirelessly promoted the new platform at the uni's Fresher's Fayre, promo days and on social media. By the end of the month, over 1,000 Southampton students had signed up to the platform and users had already started making use of all of the marketplace features.

As the year progressed, that number more than doubled and the SUSU market became fully integrated into student's life on campus.

Launching the Solent SU marketplace

Word travels fast, and before long we were in discussions to launch another campus marketplace in Southampton, this time for students at Solent University.

A little smaller than it's neighbour to the east, Solent University still caters for around 11,000 students and has a great reputation for sport and maritime studies.

Our new friends at Solent Students' Union wanted their own bespoke trading platform, fully loaded with all the deals and discounts enjoyed by students at Paperclip universities across the county.

Due to the proximity of the two Southampton universities, the new marketplace will give students access not only items listed at Solent, but ones listed on the SUSU marketplace too.

solent, solent su, marketplace
The new Solent SU marketplace

Speaking about the upcoming launch Paperclip CMO Laurence said "It's great to have Solent SU on board in time for the new academic year. The team are hoping to build on our success last year at Southampton Uni and create the ultimate trading platform for students in the city. We will be officially launching the new marketplace next week at the Solent Fresher's Fayre and we couldn't be more excited."

Justin, our Marketing Manager added, "We have secured some great student deals and discounts for new users for the coming year. We're delighted to go live with Solent SU and we really believe that the new platform will help their students discover value on campus."

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Paperclip is crowdfunding. Head to our Seedrs page for more info...

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September 4, 2019 - No Comments!

Crowdfunding: an update

Just a quick update from our Seedrs campaign...

Last month, Paperclip launched it's very first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to top-up our existing investment round. Our target was £300,000 and 200 investors. Within a few days, we had already surpassed the £250,000 mark with 250 new investors from all over the world wanting a piece of the action!

A former professional Australian Rules Football Player, a board member at Lamborghini and the owner of a bank in the Middle East all reached out to us and secured their shares in one of the NatWest #PowerUp top 50 startups of 2019.

We then reached out to our own users to see if they wanted to own a slice of their favourite online marketplace. It didn't take long for our inbox to light up with scores of traders looking for more information on their next investment.

seedrs, paperclip, crowdfunding
4th September 2019: we're almost there!

Speaking about the campaign, our CEO Rich said, "We are delighted with the volume and calibre of our new investors this round. This round will allow us to broaden our UK market share from 30 universities to 70, adding significant depth to our userbase. Furthermore, it's a fantastic opportunity for us to strengthen and rollout our propositions for schools and corporates, and trial a new entry into some new markets such as India with our new growth partners. Our platform design and infrastructure has been overhauled over the past year, and this hard work - along with a newly introduced payment gateway - will help our open marketplace start to challenge incumbents. Overall, this is an incredibly important stepping stone on our road to making Paperclip a household name over the next few years, and the team could not be more excited."

Get involved!

There's still time to invest in the UK's leading marketplace provider. Head to our Seedrs page to get started today.

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