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Spotlight on: Trade Centre

Over the last few weeks, the team at Paperclip HQ have been working hard to add new features and further improve our user experience...

In response to the feedback we collected from our trading community back in 2021, our Development team set about revamping our Trade Centre. Today, we're taking a look at some of the upcoming changes to the way you buy and sell on Paperclip.

Simplifying Buying and Selling

Right now, trades are separated across several tabs depending on what state they were in. In the 'Selling' section of the Trade Centre, items you have listed are broken down into five separate categories; Items, Offers, Accepted, Declined and Sold.

In the 'Buying' section, all items that you have ever made an offer for would be found in one of four categories. These are currently; Active, Won, Didn't Win and Completed.

Trade Centre, buy, sell
The current 'Buying' section categories on web

In our next update, both 'Buying' and 'Selling' will be simplified for a smoother user journey. Both sections will have just two tabs; Active & History. This will make it easier to find all your 'live' trades in one place.

Filtering your trades

Rather than having a long list of all trades that are yet to be completed, you'll soon be able to filter the trades displayed to further drill down into trades requiring a specific action e.g. locating an item that you've made a previously placed a bid on.

The new options for filtering active items in the 'Buying' section

These changes will be reflected on all platforms. So whether you're using the Paperclip marketplace on iOS, Android or a web browser, you'll soon get access to the new look, easy-to-use Trade Centre.

Oh, and it's not just the Trade Centre we're updating. You can head on over to our previous blog post to learn more about the exciting changes happening to Paperclip Groups!

We've got some huge exciting partnerships and new features in the pipeline for the next few months, so make sure to keep up to date with the latest news from Paperclip HQ. Follow us on Twitter here.

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Spotlight on: Paperclip Groups

Today we are taking a deep-dive into one of our platform's most popular features; Paperclip Groups!

Let's begin...

In short, Paperclip Groups are micro-marketplaces you can create yourself. These can be based around a hobby, place or an existing community.

Here's an example, if you checked out last month's blog post, you'll see that we have seen a huge influx of gamers joining our platform over the last few months. These new users in particular have set up a number of groups dedicated to buying, selling, swapping games, consoles and accessories.

Not only can these new members browse hundreds of gaming items, but should they want to list items themselves, they can increase their chances of making a sale. This is simply because everyone else in that group loves gaming too!

One of the new gaming groups on Paperclip

If you join one of these groups, it only takes a second and if you are not able to find the item you're looking for, you can even a make a request for whatever you're heart desires. Every member will be notified of your request, and they'll have the option to send you a direct message if they happen to have the item you're after.

There is no limit to the amount of groups you can join and creating your own is quick, easy and won't cost you a penny...

Creating your own group

Follow these simple steps to start your own trading community...

1.) Head to the 'Groups' icon in the top right of your screen (or the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen if on mobile).

2.) Now you're on the Groups homepage, select the 'Your Groups' and then 'Create Group'.

3.) Select a relevant title - make it something short and snappy, you'll be able to add some more detailed information in the next steps...

4.) Choose where you want it to be a 'Public' (where the group, it's members and it's items are visible to everyone) or 'Private' (where the members and items are only visible to those who have joined). Once you have made your choice, click 'Next'...

5.) Now it's time to add a cover photo! It's a good idea to pick something that's relevant to the interest group or location. This image will be visible to all of our trading community.

6.) You can now select a category that best fits your group and provide some more detailed information about the group in the 'Description' section.

7.) Go, go, go! It's time to start something wonderful. Click 'Create group' to launch your very own micro-marketplace.

Your group might be a lonely place right now, but fear not! Just head to 'Invite friends' and select from a list of everyone who you follow and follows you back.

Adding items

It's super simple to get started populating your group. Just head to your Paperclip Profile, select the item you want and press 'Add item to Group'.

You can then choose which groups you wish to list the item in - ones you have joined or ones you have created yourself. After confirming, the item will then be immediately visible to all of your groupmates!

Joining an existing group

Had the perfect idea for a group but someone beat you to the punch?

Not to worry, it's really easy to hop on board another user's group. Just search for the group you want, select 'Join Group' and you'll have instant access.

You'll be able to add your items, make requests and message other members in the group straight away.

Updates incoming...

We're always working to make our user experience the best it can be! Right now, our team is working on multiple-category groups. Say you're looking to sell a gaming keyboard, but you think your friends might like your desktop speakers - you'll soon be able to create a group under the 'Entertainment' and the 'Electronics' categories!

We're also tightening up the process of adding items. To stop irrelevant items being listed in groups, soon members will only be able to post an item in the group if it matches any of the groups item categories. This should make it even easier to find something you love!

Not only this, but we are giving the whole Groups section a facelift! Mobile users will soon get the same great interface our web users have been enjoying for the last few months.

There will be more updates coming to our Trade Centre and more, so make sure you stay tuned to our blog for more...

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