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May 25, 2022 - 1 comment.

Listings never leave?

We're coming to you today with some exciting news...

Our development team have been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring you the biggest update of the year: a fundamental change to the buying/selling experience.

If you've read our recent blogs on fast-fashion faux pas and the perils of overconsumption, you'll know that we're waging a war on waste. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a new home for the stuff you no longer need, and to save preloved goods from landfill.

Your social inventory

At Paperclip, we see the future of item ownership as temporary - you merely hold onto an item while you're using it - and then you flip it on for sale to someone else.

Also, we realise that one of the biggest hurdles to selling your things online is the listing process itself. Because of this, Paperclip allows you to relist items you've previously bought in just three taps, without having to take the time to add a photo, description, price and everything else.

How does it work?

Once an item is bought on Paperclip, the item appears in your profile. From there, you can choose to hide that item, or relist it with ease when you're done using it.

When you go through the listing process, you'll be asked to confirm that the following details remain the same;

Photos: if the condition or look of the item has materially changed, please add new photos.

listings, social inventory

Price: if the item has risen or fallen in value, you can easily amend the price of the item.

Location: the item location may differ from your location now, if the location has changed, you can quickly update it.


Photos: We recognise that not all of our members would like to have their photos re-used for relisting. During the add item process, you're able to unselect the checkbox that states 'I am comfortable having the photos of my item reused by the buyer'

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Items: It's recommended that you keep your purchased items public, so that other members can make an offer on that item - you never know when you might receive a higher offer to sell something on! However, you are able to hide items on your public profile at any time.

These changes are being rolled out this week. They're ready to go on web, but if you want to start building your new social inventory, just update your app for free to get the full Paperclip experience.

How are we doing?

What do you think about our new update? Whether you love it or loathe it, we want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment below...

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