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Introducing: Paperclip Rent

Today we're coming to you with an exciting announcement from Paperclip HQ...

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with a one of the UK's leading student accommodation providers, and unveil our new circular economy service: Paperclip Rent!

Working together for students

The team at Paperclip are thrilled to be teaming up with one of the largest purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) providers in the UK and working on this exciting new project.

We began consulting our student users about improvements they'd like to see to our platform over the coming months. One request we saw time and time again was for a rental service. With the growth of the circular economy and a burning passion for sustainability among the demographic, it was no surprise that over a third of surveyed student users requested a rental service.

We were already working with our PBSA partner and they had been getting the same requests for a rental service from their student tenants.  The perfect storm of opportunity, skills, resources and need meant that a partnership was a clear path forward and, well, the rest is history...

Soft launching Paperclip Rentals

During the spring with began discussions about our trial for bike and e-bike rentals one of their on-campus locations. After careful consideration, we agreed on a soft launch at the Oaks in Coventry, which is less than 10 minutes from The University of Warwick.

We worked closely with their on-site team and have set up our first rental station. After a few successful trial runs, a health and safety consultation and a briefing with the accommodation team, we now have five bikes ready to rent ready for new and returning students this September.

Our four Trek bikes prepped for action

The Paperclip Rent website is now live and the bikes are all ready to go!

Our PBSA partner's pre-arrival awareness activity has resulted in significant interest from students before they have even arrived at the Oaks!

Our CCO Keith Parkman writes, "Paperclip Rent takes our buy and sell offering and gives it a whole new dimension, and students are the perfect group to launch our rental service with – their fixed budget, limited storage space and often an intermittent need, all contribute to a cohort who will really appreciate the affordability and flexibility that it offers.

The partnership will enable us to engage with over 25,000 students and quickly ramp up the rental offering across 23 UK cities.  This will be the ideal platform to grow Paperclip Rent to all other demographic in these locations."

Here are some pics of the team on site preparing for our promotional photoshoot, setting up our bikes, and generally getting to know the place...

Once the trial has gained the intel on exactly what students want to rent and the service has been thoroughly tested throughout September, the roll out to Birmingham, Sheffield and Bath will take place in October.

Additional items such as VR headsets, games consoles, cameras and 3D printers are all items being considered as additions to the service in the coming months.

We'll keep you updated on the partnership as Paperclip Rent gathers steam; just stay tuned to the Paperclip Blog!

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Meet the Team: Gethin

Good afternoon and welcome to the third instalment of our new 'Meet the Team' series!

Today we say hello to Gethin, our Lead Front End Developer and Product Manager. Geth has been with us for quite awhile now and has been instrumental in the creation, and evolution, of our beloved marketplace platform. We sat down with the man himself to discuss everything from QA testing to retro gaming...

Hey Geth, great to have you here! So how long have you been at Paperclip HQ and what did you do before joining us?

I’ve been at Paperclip for, give or take, five and a half years now! Before joining Paperclip I worked for Avecto (now called BeyondTrust) as a front end developer on a new web platform they were developing.

Tell me about a day in the life of Gethin…

My days are split between writing code and product management. Half of my time I am planning new features for the marketplace and documenting them using tools such as Notion. Included in the product management part of my job is also managing the development team which includes mobile development, backend development and QA testing, this means deciding what will be worked on next and planning tasks for sprints (two-week blocks of time) and planning releases, amongst a few other things.

The other half of my time is spent developing the Web Marketplace, implementing new features and fixing any bugs that pop up which obviously… doesn’t happen very often (speak no evil, etc, etc)...

What do you like most about working for the 'Clip?

That the company culture has remained the same even whilst growing and going through things like lockdowns and transitioning to a fully remote working environment.

Do you have favourite project you've worked on here?

The Paperclip web marketplace. At my previous job I joined an already existing project, but when I joined Paperclip there was no web version of the marketplace.

version 3, version, paperclip
An early version of Gethin's pride and joy (we've come a long way, baby)...

Being able to bring that to life from scratch and have a say in the direction of the product from day one was and still is a great motivator.

What do you get up to in your spare time, Geth?

I quite like to play squash with friends when timetables allow and I’m also a bit of a gamer, I’ve just started getting back into PC gaming again for the first time in about 15 years and I am enjoying the nostalgia re-playing games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Command & Conquer.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

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Your dream holiday?

When I was younger I travelled around Europe for 3 weeks by train and we stayed in Austria for a few days. It’s a beautiful country and one day I want to go back and explore it a lot more.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

That really depends on how much I won! But if it was enough I’d love to get into renovating houses and real estate.

Sounds far too productive for my liking! It's horses for courses (or devs for dollars), I suppose.

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