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A complete guide to: listings never leave

Good afternoon friends!

Now before we begin, the team at Paperclip would like to wish all our users, followers and blog readers a very happy holidays and a fantastic new year.

2022 has been a busy one at Paperclip HQ. Our team have been hard at work making our platform smarter, more responsive and more user-friendly then ever before. Huge updates to our Trade Centre, search functions and user profiles have totally transformed the Paperclip experience. We’ve seen our trading community continue to grow, with thousands of new users from all over the country adding preloved goodies to our platform. Not only that, but we’ve successfully launched our rental project (more on that in our upcoming ‘Year in Review’ piece) and we’ve been featured on the iOS App Store’s ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ list!

Listings never leave

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the popular new feature to be added to the marketplace in the last 18 months: listings never leave.

Here at Paperclip, we envision the future of item ownership as temporary. Let’s face it, times are tight and with space at a premium, we the believe that we’re at the dawn of a real boom in the circular and sharing economies.

So ask yourself this; does it really make sense to pay full price, buying something brand new, if you only need it for a repair, a weekend away or night out?

…and does it make sense to hang on to this item indefinitely? Especially if it's just taking up space and/or depreciating in value.

Well, our team set out adapting our platform to help our users quickly and safely purchase items, then relist them for sale with just a few taps of their smartphone.

So how does it work?

Once you purchase an item on Paperclip, and it is marked as successfully delivered/collected, this item immediately appears in on your profile and is added to your social inventory.

You can choose to relist the item from day one, or you can hide it from view if you think you’ll be holding on to it for awhile.

If you do decide to relist the item, you'll be asked to confirm that the condition of the item is the same and if the photos are still a fair representation of the item. Here can also quickly and easily amend the price and the new location of the item should either have changed.

Selling an item and don’t wish to have your photos re-used? Not a problem. When you first list your item for sale, you can just untick the 'I am comfortable having the photos of my item reused by the buyer' box. You can feel safe in the knowledge these photos will never appear on the profile of anyone else in the community.

Oh…and in case you were wondering, there are no additional fees for relisting your items.

It's that simple. It's all about reducing waste, saving money and making your social inventory work for you.

What’s next for Paperclip?

The next year promises to be an even bigger one for Paperclip and our trading community. Expect more new features, more rewards and more flexibility for buying and selling. How exciting!

We’ll be back early next month with our annual Year in Review piece, but until then, we wish you all the very best for the rest of 2022.

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