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Say hello to the new Paperclip Help Centre

We're always striving to make buying and selling easier for our trading community. We also want our members to feel secure when making purchases on our marketplace and to feel supported throughout their journey on Paperclip. With that in mind, we've created a one-stop support centre to help our members have the best experience possible when using our platform and resolve any queries quickly and effectively.

New to Paperclip?

If you're new to us, or considering joining our community, you'll want to head over to the 'Getting Started' section of the Help Centre.

Here you can find out info on what Paperclip is, our values and the causes we care about. From there you can follow our step-by-step guide to signing up and creating a profile on our platform.

Finding what you need

Next, you might want to check out the 'Browsing Paperclip' articles. With so many preloved items added to our marketplace everyday, it's a good idea to get the low-down on how our feed works.

You'll find information about following other Paperclip users and filtering items to maximise the chances of finding something you love! You'll also get a quick walkthrough of how you can bookmark items you may want to view later.

Buying and selling

The reason why you're here, right? This next section will take you through the process of adding your items for sale. From categorising to organising postage, we've made this bit as straight forward as possible. You'll even find some handy tips on how best to showcase your items with the images you add, maximising your chance of making sale.

There's also some information on the stuff you can't sell on the platform. Most of the items listed here are common sense, but it's a good idea to double-check this section if you're not sure about the product you wish to sell.

Now, if you're looking to purchase items on the marketplace, we have everything you need to know about making an offer, buying and tracking the status of the items in your Trade Centre. You can also find out more about giving feedback and leaving reviews.

Taking security seriously

These next two sections are must-reads for anyone joining the platform...

The safety of our users is of paramount importance. If you head to the 'Safety' tab on the Help Centre, you'll be linked to five articles. The first is a list of our Safety Tips. The vast, vast majority of the transactions made on Paperclip go smoothly and without incident, it's always best to be careful. If you're meeting up in person to collect an item, we have a list of suggestions for keeping yourself (and your money) safe.

Though we use a mixture of both human and AI to maintain and monitor Paperclip to ensure it is a safe and clean environment, we always ask our users to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to our team.

Directly above the 'Safety' tab, you'll find a section called 'Online Payments'.

This is the place where you'll find more information about setting up your Paperclip Wallet, managing online payments and withdrawing money to your bank account.

Getting in touch

The new Help Centre should give you guidance on pretty much anything you'll come across on your journey with us. However, if you can't find an answer or you'd like to speak to one of our team about someone else, you can click the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page.

Once you click the button, you'll open a dialogue with one a member of our Support Team - not a chat bot. You can then chat directly with a Customer Success Specialist who will work with you to resolve your query in a timely manner.

What's next?

We're always working on new and exciting updates to our platform, and looking at ways to reward our community. Stay tuned to our blog for more...

Have you tried the new Help Centre? We'd love to hear about your experience or if you think there might have been something we've missed, let us know in the comments below.

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