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Setting Off: Fresher’s Checklist

The countdown has begun. Get ready for your new life as a university student...

So many jobs. So little time. If you’re struggling to keep track of everything that need doing, here’s our ultimate checklist for uni first-timers.

1. Work out what you need to pack

Some no-brainers for you: clothes (including face masks), bedding, towels, toiletries, stationery and electrical items such as laptop, phone and chargers. If you’re going to be doing your own cooking, rather than living in fully catered halls, then you may also need cutlery, plates, pots, pans etc. Check what’s provided before buying anything new. Read more about what to take with you.

2. Buy essentials

Must-have items you may not already own include shampoo and shower gel, nail scissors, washing powder, an extension cable and, of course, the all-important kettle. Wilko offers a range of ‘student starter packs’ for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. Check out their offers here.

3. Get a railcard

A 16-25 railcard gives you 1/3 off all rail travel. Costs £30. Saves an average of £199 a year. (We’ll leave you to do the maths!) Buy one from the official railcard site or enter our competition to win a free one here.

4. Find your important documents

Passport, driving licence or other form of ID? Check. University paperwork, including your acceptance letter? Check. Student finance documents? Check. Accommodation info? Check. Now put them all together in a nice, secure plastic folder and keep it somewhere safe.

5. Set up a student bank account

A student account is not compulsory. But most come with lots of extra features and discounts that it would be a shame to miss out on. You can open an account as soon as you receive your offer letter – no need to wait until the start of term.

6. Register with a doctor

If you’re going to be spending more weeks of the year at university than at home, then you need to register with a local GP as soon as possible. Especially important if you have an ongoing health condition such as diabetes or epilepsy. Find a GP near your university

7. Check if you need a TV licence

The rules governing who does (and who doesn’t) need a TV licence are more complicated than you might think. Even if you only ever watch YouTube on your phone, you may be breaking the law if you don’t get one. See if your family TV licence covers you.

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Setting Off: The Four Fs

What every fresher misses about home...

Family and pets



…although, hopefully, you are about to meet lots of amazing new people, some of whom are going to be mates for life.


It might not be home-cooking, but you can still make delicious and nutritious meals in your halls (providing you pitch in with the washing up). There are so many free resources now online to help up some hearty grub on a budget.

Now and then, however, we all need to treat ourselves. That's why we're giving everyone a free Tastecard for three months! This allows you to save 50% at Pizza Express, Prezzo, Bella Italia, Frankie & Bennies and more, all year round. Just click on the link above to get started.

Bon appétit!

Fresh laundry

Remember when your clothes washed and dried themselves by magic? So much better than having to haul a stinking laundry bag down to the communal washing machines and then hang wet clothing over all your doors and radiators just to save a couple of quid on the dryer.

If you want to save some extra dollar on detergent, our friends at Smol are giving away a free trial of their plastic-free washing capsules. Not only are Smol helping students save money, but they are on a mission to reduce waste and the amount of potentially harmful chemicals leaked into the environment from standard washing capsules. All of the packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable too!

Just hang on until we release the Moving In section on Tuesday 22nd September to access this super fresh freebie.

What to do if you are struggling to adjust

Nearly 50% of young people enter university and a third of these report experiencing some form of physiological distress - it's completely normal.
In adjusting to the student lifestyle, many students (especially freshers) struggle to maintain healthy day-to-day routines and experience academic, social and financial pressures. If you are moving away from home for the first time, that can make things even harder.

But don't fret, there are now so many great services to help you get through a rough patch. In fact, there are now some wonderful student-led services available for you for free. They know that students are more likely to talk to friends and peers about their problems, so the focus on giving students the skills to support each other safely and to effectively signpost to other mental health services when necessary. Getting in touch to these bodies wont leave you out of pocket and anything you discuss with always remain confidential. Speak to your Student's Union about the services they work with on and off campus.

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Wilko & Paperclip team up to save students a bundle

More exciting news from Paperclip HQ...

The team at Paperclip are delighted to announce that homewear retailer Wilko will be offering a huge range of discounts on their 'back-to-uni' items and 'student bundles' to everyone who has signed up for our Digital Welcome Pack.

Wilko will be joining the likes of Amazon, Ola and Perlego in the new pack which will be released the end of the month. Not only can students enjoy money off duvets, cushions and decor for thier new uni crib, but Wilko will also be offering huge discounts on tech essentials such as headphones, power banks, printers and more...

Student Bundles

This year, Wilko will be offering a number of Student Bundles to save you heaps of cash (and making multiple trips to the high street during your first few weeks on campus).

wilko, kitchen, paperclip, deal
Wilko's kitchen in a box

Not only can you get all your kitchen essentials (spoons, corkscrew, chopping boards, grater, etc) in one bundle, but you can also get your bedding and desktop set-ups sorted in just a couple of clicks. All items are conveniently packed in a sturdy, plastic, water-proof container with hand grips, perfect for the big move.

We've made it super simple to access these great deals, all you have to do is wait for the Welcome Pack to drop into your inbox and follow the link to start saving - there's no need to enter a promo code or create another account.

Speaking about the new additions to the pack, our CEO Rich said, "We're all delighted to be working with such a great client as Wilko. Many of the team have fond memories of kitting their student homes out with Wilko products during their times at university. Now we can help other students recognize the convenience and value of Wilko for themselves!"

If you haven't already, you can sign up to our Digital Welcome Pack for free here - it only takes 30 seconds!

That's not all...

Not only do we have Wilko joining the party, but we have added even more deals to the pack! Students will soon be able to enjoy a whopping 40% off their gym threads from our friends at Distancewear. Once the Well-being section is released, all you have to do is follow the link, enter the promo code once you select your garms and before you know it you'll be looking super-stylish whilst you sweat it out!

Prefer corduroy to cardio? Fear not, as we have also teamed up with Atlas Vintage to offer yet another discount on their entire range online. Again, just follow the link and enter the promo code at checkout to make a tidy saving.

Remember, there still time to get your Digital Welcome Pack completely free today!

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The top 20 items students need to add to their uni shopping list

The top five must-haves alone will set parents back £1,897 in the first term...

As students around the UK start getting ready for university life, the race is on to get all the must-have items ready for beginning of the year. The Paperclip team reveal the top 20 most sought-after items ahead of the September term.

The top five most in-demand student items – including bikes, a smartphone and laptop, cost on average £605 via Paperclip. While if parents are buying brand new, these same five items would cost a significantly higher £1,897.*

On average, the total cost of buying all of our 20 items second-hand on our online marketplace comes in at around £1,695.

Speaking about our findings, our new CCO Keith Parkman said: “The first term of university can be incredibly expensive for families, particularly if you’re adding a new laptop in to the mix.

“However, the first five items on this list alone cost more brand-new than all 20 items if bought second-hand on Paperclip, so it really goes to show how shopping around on platforms like ours can make all the difference to student spending, particularly when it comes to tech.”

To help families tick off the necessities, we have released the top 20 most searched items ahead of the first term in September...

The top 20 most wanted items are:

2. Textbooks
3. Bike
4. Clothes
5. Laptop / Macbook
6. Headphones
7. Games console
8. Chair
9. Kitchenware
10. Desk

11. iPad / Tablet
12. TV
13. Monitor
14. Lamp
15. Mirror
16. Duvet
17. Camera
18. Fridge
19. Printer
20. Weights

On the latest trends, Keith added: “Life as we know it has changed significantly in the last few months, and this year’s university students will be experiencing something entirely new. That being said, we are still seeing a huge number of searches for household items like kettles, duvets and lamps so it very much looks as though prospective students are looking forward to venturing out on their own for the first time. 

kettle, items
This Stagg kettle has been viewed over 400 times on the KCLSU marketplace!

“One thing that we have seen as a result of the pandemic is an incredibly high demand for bikes, which are now in the number three spot – up from 8th in 2019. Although there are a handful of universities that we’ve come to associate with cycling, it’s amazing to see how many students all over the UK are now planning to bike around rather than drive or get public transport."

This Intense 5.5 FRO was recently sold for less than half the RRP on our Greenwich SU marketplace back in June

With so many items added every day to our uni marketplaces, new students can be sure to find what they need for starting the next chapter of their lives. Students can also find our pick of the bunch in the 'Featured items' section at the top of our platform's homepage.

Heading to university this September? Read about our free Digital Welcome Pack for students or sign-up here...

*Paperclip uses its marketplace data to report on consumer behaviour and trends in student spending, including the most popular items, searches and average spend at key points throughout the academic year.

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Online learning made easier; Perlego joins the Virtual Freshers’ Fair!

Good morning from Paperclip HQ! We come to you on this glorious Friday with an exciting new offer from our friends at Perlego...

Tell me more...

Last month, we unveiled our new Digital Welcome Pack for freshers and returning students. With this year's Fresher's Fairs facing an uncertain future due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the team began work on a virtual alternative for students ready the start of the new academic year.

We think there's no reason that students in the UK shouldn't be able to take advantage of the fabulous deals and discounts they come to expect from in-person Freshers' Fairs. Our mission is to bring students as much value as possible, without them having to spend time a crowded indoor venue.

The team at HQ have spent the summer months shortlisting a set of deals for students to enjoy whether their going out, staying in or just looking to save some cash on their uni essentials. Last month, we reached out to leading online textbook provider Perlego to see if they'd like to run a promotion to help students during this difficult time, they duly obliged...

So what's the deal?

We all know how expensive uni textbooks can be, especially considering that after exam day, chances are they won't ever be read again. This is where Perlego comes in...

Perlego offers a unique e-reader experience for both desktop and mobile. For a small subscription fee, Perlego allows you to access hundreds of thousands of books whether you're at home, at uni or on the move. Perlego even allows you to annotate and takes notes in the margins!

Perlego, Paperclip

Now, everyone who signs up to the Welcome Pack will receive a 14 day trial of Perlego completely free of charge. Anyone who receives a pack will be provided with a link that takes you the trial page. Quickly fill out the form and you can begin reading instantly. Oh, and don't worry, you wont be charged unexpectedly - you can cancel anytime and Perlego will even send you an email reminding you when your trial is about to end.

The beginning of something special...

Speaking on the new partnership, Paperclip CMO Laurence said "It's great to have Perlego in the new Welcome Pack. Both ourselves and the team at Perlego share similar values; we both want to make sure students have all they need for university, without them having to spend a fortune. Working with such an innovative company has been a joy and we are thrilled to be offering this great deal to students across the country."

Perlego CEO Gauthier Van Malderen added: “During these challenging times for education, we are working hard to ensure students are provided with the necessary resources to effectively continue their studies. Our partnership with Paperclip will offer a new audience of students easier, direct access to the range of resources available on Perlego, and we are excited to be working alongside them to provide students with a unique and new solution to save cash while accessing their books from anywhere."

Paperclip and Perlego will be working together on exciting promotions for our student users throughout the 2020/21 and beyond, so stay tuned for more info...

Heading (back) to uni this Autumn? Follow the link to claim your free Digital Welcome Pack.

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Paperclip to the rescue; introducing the Digital Welcome Pack

Good afternoon to all our readers, followers and marketplace users. We hope you're all keeping well and staying safe during these difficult times.

With the current uncertainty surrounding the resumption of teaching at HE institutions in the UK, a number of universities are moving towards distance learning for the next semester. Other unis have already committed to delivering the entire 2020/21 academic year online. With this in mind, the chances of Fresher's Fairs running at full capacity (if at all), are pretty slim.

Saving Freshers' 2020

It's no secret that Fresher's Fairs are notoriously busy and chaotic events; with dozens of societies, clubs and promoters eager to impress on the biggest day on the Students' Union calendar. Sadly, running such events is just not compatible with the current social distancing guidelines.

Fear not, however, as the team at HQ have come up with a plan to make sure students starting uni in September wont miss out on the deals, discounts and freebies they have come to expect from their Freshers' Fair.

The team have spent the last month putting together a free Digital Welcome Pack for all students in the UK...

So, what's inside?

After weeks of shortlisting and contacting different brands popular with students, we settled on 30x deals, discounts and freebies to distribute. Students will be able enjoy a free six month trial of Amazon Prime as well as tasty discount on their takeaways when using UberEats.

Digital Welcome Pack, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Paperclip

Those who sign up to the Welcome Pack will also receive a discount code for their first trip with Ola cabs in addition to 27x other goodies that'll be revealed throughout the summer.

How do I claim my pack?

All you need to do is head to and add your name, uni, year of study and email address. Not got your uni email account yet? No problem, you can use any personal email to sign up.

Packs will be sent out via email on the 20th August 2020.

Can't wait that long?

If you refer a friend, you will get early access to the Welcome Pack and the chance to win a £50 Paperclip voucher valid on all of our marketplaces.

Refer 3 to be entered our £200 uni essentials competition or 10 to be in with the chance of winning £500 in cold, hard cash.

That's not all, join the 'Paperclip 100 club' with 100 referrals and we will send you a £25 Amazon voucher to spend on anything you want!


Last week, we gave our friends at the Bee Money Savvy a sneak peak of the new pack. You can check out their Guide to Freshers' here. We will be dropping hints as to what deals to expect in the Welcome Pack over the next few months, so stay tuned for more...

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates about the Digital Welcome Pack and everything else Paperclip.

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Enter our Home Gym Giveaway!

The Paperclip squad are back with another competition for all of our university marketplace users.

We're giving you the chance to win a Home Gym Bundle worth £250!

We're offering one lucky winner five sweet items to help you get that beach bod just in time for summer...

So, what's included?

Over the last few weeks, we have quietly been adding a number of items to our university marketplaces as we try to gauge what our users really wanted during lockdown.

These resistance bands were our most popular item in April

We found that home exercise equipment was the most popular category with our health-conscious student users keen to keep trim throughout quarantine. We picked four of our most popular home gym items and a little something to keep you moving and grooving!

Entry to the competition is free and open to all of our UK-based student marketplace users.

The lucky winner will receive: a 9-in-1 push-up board, an ab roller wheel, a full set of resistance band and a yoga mat!

Not only that, but have decided to throw in a wireless Bluetooth speaker too!

This JBL speaker is included too!

Our runner-up prize will win a £25 Amazon voucher, a set of wireless earphones and some of our branded merchandise.

All items will be delivered straight to your door, completely free of charge!

We will be contacting the winner via. email on Wednesday 17th June at 2pm. T&Cs apply.

How do I enter?

It's super simple and only takes 30 second to enter...

All you need to do is:

1.) Sign up or login to your university marketplace

2.) Head to the 'Win a Home Gym Bundle' item in Featured Items section

3.) Make an offer of any amount

4.) Cross your fingers...

Move fast - entries close on Friday 12th June 2020 at 5pm.

In other news...

No matter if you're a winner or not, you can still find everything you need to make the most of the new unlimited outdoor exercise guidelines on your campus marketplace.

The Paperclip team have added a whole host of new items, all heavily discounted and all with free home delivery. Find everything from tennis rackets and rounders sets to giant Jenga sets so you and your quarantine buddies can have fun in the sun!

We're adding new items every week so be sure to check back into your uni marketplace regularly.

Stay safe out there and good luck to everyone entering our home gym giveaway competition!

See what's new at PCHQ - follow us on Facebook here.

Ts&Cs for Home Gym Giveaway: No purchase necessary. Only one competition entry per person. Over 18s only. We will not share your details with any third party.

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Buy, sell and learn: enjoy these free online courses…

We're all looking for constructive ways to spend our time during lockdown. This is why Paperclip has teamed up with two leading online learning platforms to offer our users a number of free online courses throughout April and May.

Many of our users have been wanting to use this period as an opportunity to find a new hobby or learn a new skill, and we're here to help...

What's new?

We've recently linked up with the online learning community Skillshare. The site offers thousands of courses focused on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project. Skillshare has a diverse portfolio of courses including the creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology with many more subtopics to explore.

From this week and throughout the month of May, our users can enjoy two whole weeks of Skillshare absolutely free! Whether you want to improve your photography skills or have a go at some creative writing - you can do so without having to pay a penny.

Not only that, we have added another set of courses from online learning platform Highbrow. Take advantage of the free trial and the team at Highbrow will send you short, five-minute email lessons to help you learn anything from art and philosophy, to business and personal development.

coronavirus, paperclip, app, courses

Lessons are delivered one-at-a-time over a ten day period. These are followed by fun, knowledge-testing quizzes at the end of each course. With over 300 courses available for you right now, there really is something for everyone.

How to get started...

Our university marketplace users can find direct links to their free courses on the Deals and Discounts section of their respective marketplace's homepage. Just login on your phone or laptop and click the icon to get going.

We hope all of our users are staying safe and well during lockdown. Click here for our COVID-19 service update.

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What’s trending on Paperclip?


Before we begin, here's a quick service notice regarding the current COVID-19 outbreak:

  • The Paperclip global marketplace and all Paperclip student & enterprise marketplaces will remain open and available to all our users throughout this period
  • We strongly encourage you to order any items purchased for home delivery, rather than meeting sellers face-to-face as to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19
  • In May, we will be launching a payment gateway which should further reduce the number of physical exchanges of items
  • Any offers claimed through the 'Deals & Discounts' section will still be valid unless otherwise stated in the offer's terms and conditions

Though we do not anticipate any disruption to services, we will notify you of any updates via. our official Twitter page.

Trending now on Paperclip...

This week, we thought we'd take a look at the items most searched on our platforms as we head into this period of self-isolation...


With so many of us stuck at home with time on our hands, it appears that even formerly puzzle-averse people are discovering the hours-killing appeal of jigsaws!

items, covid-19, coronavirus, paperclip, app, marketplace, puzzle
Retro The Beatles jigsaw puzzle recently sold in Blackpool, UK

In the UK, toy manufacturers are reporting 'huge increases in demand' for the traditional hobby since the Government urged the country to adopt self-isolation measures amid the coronavirus outbreak. In the United States, The Washington Post has described 'unprecedented interest' in the product, with both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores now struggling to keep up with demand.

It's no surprise really that shoppers are now turning to second-hand marketplaces for their puzzle-fix. Since February, Paperclip has seen an almost 300% increase in searches for jigsaw puzzles with trades taking place all over the country.

Home exercise equipment

Though it looks like we will be stuck at home for the foreseeable, it's still important for us to keep moving! There's plenty we can still do keep active within our four walls and a load of items on our marketplaces to help you do so...

coronavirus, weights, paperclip, marketplace, items
Set of weights for sale in Leicester, UK

Since the start of the month, we have seen a huge rise in searches for equipment for keeping fit during a lockdown. Searches for 'exercise bikes', 'dumbells' and 'yoga mats' have doubled throughout the first two weeks of March and continue to rise...


Another big mover in the Sports & Outdoors category! Bikes tend to be popular on our university marketplaces year round, but over the last three weeks we have seen searches for this product increase over 50% on our open marketplace.

Pendleton Brooke bike for sale in Fife, UK

It's quite common for us to see a greater demand for bikes when the weather warms up, but with all that's going on in the world right now, cycling is increasingly seen as a way to get out and stay active whilst practising social distancing.

We have hundreds of mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and all the parts and accessories on our open marketplace - many with huge reductions from their RRP.

We also have a number of popular bike groups on our platform, here you can list and request items for sale and chat to your local trading community.

Hand sanitizer

No surprises here! With hand sanitizer stocks stripped from shelves in early-March, shoppers are turning to trusted online marketplaces.

hand sanitizer, items, paperclip, marketplace, coronavirus, covid-19
Hand sanitizer gel for sale in Drogheda, Ireland

Perhaps the most in-demand item in the world right now, the sky-rocketing demand for hand sanitizer gel has manufacturers working overtime.

Once abundant in chemists, supermarkets and corner shops - these small bottles of gel have proved elusive to most high street shoppers.

In the past few weeks, both distilleries and perfume factories in the UK and mainland Europe produce thousands of units for healthcare providers as well as the general public.

Since the start of the year, we have seen a ten-fold increase in searches for hand sanitizer and hundreds of users listing the product for sale. With prices as low as £1.00 per 30ml bottle, there are still bargains to be had!

More to come...

Over the next few weeks we be rolling out some exciting new features to both our open and university platforms as well as launching a brand new enterprise marketplace. Be sure to check back to the Paperclip blog for more info...

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Refreshers’ 2020 and beyond…

Team Paperclip has just returned from an extended tour across the UK, hitting up Refreshers' events from Sheffield to Surrey...

Last month we begun our journey, starting (as always) at Brunel University. This was the first stop on a thirty day adventure, onboarding students from over a dozen HE institutions onto their official campus marketplace.

After a hitting up Brunel, the team headed south to Exeter, where we made a huge splash at The Students' Guild Refreshers'. With a whole week of events for freshers to participate in, the team were able to engage with first year students, field questions about the new ExeChange marketplace and shower our new users with free goodies.

It wasn't just free sweets and choc' on offer this year. Users across all of our partner universities were taking advantage of a whole new set of exclusive deals and discounts. Students of all years were enjoying 50% off a National Express Coachcard, a huge discount off Domino's pizza as well as a free tastecard!

Our new Brand Ambassadors Rob & Elaine at Surrey Refreshers' Fair

The start of the Spring term also gave us an opportunity to 'officially' launch both the Westminster and the LSE campus marketplaces. With both platforms connected to the other London universities we serve, students had hundreds of items ready to choose from and thousands of users ready to connect with from the minute they signed up.

After a couple of trips to the south coast promoting the Southampton and Solent marketplaces, we headed up to Yorkshire for our marquee event; Sheffield SU Refresher's event. With almost 5,000 students in attendance, the team went all out with on-the-day promotions, giveaways and sign-up rewards.

CMO Laurence with SBAs Molly & Alex at Sheffield SU

We concluded our Refresher's tour last Friday at the University of Surrey. Though the campus is one of the smallest we serve, we still managed to onboard a host of new users to and received some great feedback from students who were already making huge savings on their university essentials.

There wasn't anytime time to put our feet up as on Monday we were back on the road for our soft-launch of the new Warwick marketplace. Yet again the team came strapped with a huge bundle of free treats for students as we launched our campaign to integrate the new platform into daily student life.

More to come...

This term we will be adding a whole new set of universities to our roster. At the time of publish, the Paperclip team are looking to launch another six universities before the Easter break! Not only this, but we will be adding even more exclusive student deals and discounts to our campus marketplaces.

Does your university need a campus marketplace? Vote for yours here and each month we will launch the top three most requested.

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