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Introducing: Paperclip Rent

Today we're coming to you with an exciting announcement from Paperclip HQ...

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with a one of the UK's leading student accommodation providers, and unveil our new circular economy service: Paperclip Rent!

Working together for students

The team at Paperclip are thrilled to be teaming up with one of the largest purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) providers in the UK and working on this exciting new project.

We began consulting our student users about improvements they'd like to see to our platform over the coming months. One request we saw time and time again was for a rental service. With the growth of the circular economy and a burning passion for sustainability among the demographic, it was no surprise that over a third of surveyed student users requested a rental service.

We were already working with our PBSA partner and they had been getting the same requests for a rental service from their student tenants.  The perfect storm of opportunity, skills, resources and need meant that a partnership was a clear path forward and, well, the rest is history...

Soft launching Paperclip Rentals

During the spring with began discussions about our trial for bike and e-bike rentals one of their on-campus locations. After careful consideration, we agreed on a soft launch at the Oaks in Coventry, which is less than 10 minutes from The University of Warwick.

We worked closely with their on-site team and have set up our first rental station. After a few successful trial runs, a health and safety consultation and a briefing with the accommodation team, we now have five bikes ready to rent ready for new and returning students this September.

Our four Trek bikes prepped for action

The Paperclip Rent website is now live and the bikes are all ready to go!

Our PBSA partner's pre-arrival awareness activity has resulted in significant interest from students before they have even arrived at the Oaks!

Our CCO Keith Parkman writes, "Paperclip Rent takes our Buy/Sell/Swap offering and gives it a whole new dimension, and students are the perfect group to launch our rental service with – their fixed budget, limited storage space and often an intermittent need, all contribute to a cohort who will really appreciate the affordability and flexibility that it offers.

The partnership will enable us to engage with over 25,000 students and quickly ramp up the rental offering across 23 UK cities.  This will be the ideal platform to grow Paperclip Rent to all other demographic in these locations."

Here are some pics of the team on site preparing for our promotional photoshoot, setting up our bikes, and generally getting to know the place...

Once the trial has gained the intel on exactly what students want to rent and the service has been thoroughly tested throughout September, the roll out to Birmingham, Sheffield and Bath will take place in October.

Additional items such as VR headsets, games consoles, cameras and 3D printers are all items being considered as additions to the service in the coming months.

We'll keep you updated on the partnership as Paperclip Rent gathers steam; just stay tuned to the Paperclip Blog!

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Meet the Team: Gethin

Good afternoon and welcome to the third instalment of our new 'Meet the Team' series!

Today we say hello to Gethin, our Lead Front End Developer and Product Manager. Geth has been with us for quite awhile now and has been instrumental in the creation, and evolution, of our beloved marketplace platform. We sat down with the man himself to discuss everything from QA testing to retro gaming...

Hey Geth, great to have you here! So how long have you been at Paperclip HQ and what did you do before joining us?

I’ve been at Paperclip for, give or take, five and a half years now! Before joining Paperclip I worked for Avecto (now called BeyondTrust) as a front end developer on a new web platform they were developing.

Tell me about a day in the life of Gethin…

My days are split between writing code and product management. Half of my time I am planning new features for the marketplace and documenting them using tools such as Notion. Included in the product management part of my job is also managing the development team which includes mobile development, backend development and QA testing, this means deciding what will be worked on next and planning tasks for sprints (two-week blocks of time) and planning releases, amongst a few other things.

The other half of my time is spent developing the Web Marketplace, implementing new features and fixing any bugs that pop up which obviously… doesn’t happen very often (speak no evil, etc, etc)...

What do you like most about working for the 'Clip?

That the company culture has remained the same even whilst growing and going through things like lockdowns and transitioning to a fully remote working environment.

Do you have favourite project you've worked on here?

The Paperclip web marketplace. At my previous job I joined an already existing project, but when I joined Paperclip there was no web version of the marketplace.

version 3, version, paperclip
An early version of Gethin's pride and joy (we've come a long way, baby)...

Being able to bring that to life from scratch and have a say in the direction of the product from day one was and still is a great motivator.

What do you get up to in your spare time, Geth?

I quite like to play squash with friends when timetables allow and I’m also a bit of a gamer, I’ve just started getting back into PC gaming again for the first time in about 15 years and I am enjoying the nostalgia re-playing games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Command & Conquer.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

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Your dream holiday?

When I was younger I travelled around Europe for 3 weeks by train and we stayed in Austria for a few days. It’s a beautiful country and one day I want to go back and explore it a lot more.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

That really depends on how much I won! But if it was enough I’d love to get into renovating houses and real estate.

Sounds far too productive for my liking! It's horses for courses (or devs for dollars), I suppose.

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Meet the Team: Millie

It's time for the second instalment of our new 'Meet the Team' series!

For those just joining us; each month we're sitting down for a quick chit-chat with a beloved member of the Paperclip family.

Today we're saying hello to Millie, our Head of Design. Millie joined us a couple of years ago and has been making the app, our blog and our socials, look beautiful ever since...

Hey Millie! Introduce yourself to the Blogosphere...

Hi there. I'm Millie and I'm the Head of Design here at Paperclip!

Can you tell us a little about your journey? How long have you been here and what did you do before joining PCHQ?

I have been at Paperclip for about 2 years now. Funny story - I did a Trump impression in my interview, it was a bit unorthodox.. but I’m glad it landed well and here I am today! Both before and alongside working for Paperclip, I have worked on design for change campaigns, I guess they would be called ‘passion projects’.

Sounds interesting! Can you tell us a little more?

During the Pandemic, I created a campaign called ‘Skin Colour is not a Symptom’. After hearing that members of the Asian community were getting both verbally and physically attacked due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, I created this mask and photographed Christina (model) wearing it to highlight how incredibly awful and wrong this is and remind people that Skin Colour is not a Symptom. @feminist, an Instagram page with a following of over 6.5 million people, shared and collaborated with me on content relating to this - it was a great feeling knowing that this important message had reached such a wide audience, and hopefully influenced people in a positive way.

From Millie's ‘Skin Colour is not a Symptom’ campaign
That's so cool! So when you're not breaking the Internet, can you tell us what you get up to on a typical day?

I get up, make myself a fresh cuppa then I’m ready to crack on with work for the day. My work days tend to be completely different to one another, sometimes I will be working on UX designs for updates of our App and Website (there are some exciting ones along the way that I can’t talk about just yet). Other days will involve working on campaigns, displays, photography, social media posts - the list goes on! Last week I was over in Warwick at a photoshoot, this week I have been working alongside Nicole (our talented junior designer) on elements for a display for an exciting upcoming launch….

So what do you like most about working at Paperclip?

The team at Paperclip are so easy to get along with, something that I’ve found to be very important when working from home. Our Google Meet socials are always great fun - last time we did 2 truths and a lie, which was very eye-opening…

Indeed it was, but I think some things are best left off the blog! So what are the core values that drive you?

I have a passion for designing for change, and Paperclip perfectly fits in with this. I love the idea of a circular economy, buying second hand and renting items from others rather than contributing to over-consumption. I am constantly thinking of ways that we can intertwine having minimal impact on the environment with everything that I design, so wherever possible I make sure that we use repurposed materials for physical outcomes.P

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

My house is a bit of a jungle, so watering and re-potting some of my houseplants usually takes up a bit of time each week! I play a couple of sports too - I’m a GA (goal attack) or WA (wing attack) in Netball and have just started kick-boxing. I started kick-boxing mainly so I can feel safe walking home on my own at night, it’s been great fun though and fab for fitness so it’s a win-win-win!

Can you tell us one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m a biiiiiig DIYer - I’ll get inspired by something on Instagram or Pinterest and instead of buying it I’ll try and make it myself! I started doing macrame during the first lockdown (making plant holders of course), which then became crocheting, which then became pottery, then starting sewing and altering my own clothes. And now I’m planning on making my own floor rug…

And finally, tell us about your dream holiday?

I’ve always wanted to try scuba diving, so I think I’d go to Australia to see the great barrier reef. I figure that as around 70% of the earth is water, surely I should try and see at least a little part of it (I’d ideally like to avoid any sharks though).

That does indeed sound dreamy! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat, Mills.

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Spotlight on: Summer ’22 update

Good evening blogosphere!

We're bringing you another exciting update from PCHQ...

Here at Paperclip, our team are always striving to provide our beloved trading community with best user experience possible. We've been collecting feedback from our users, new and old, to find out what's working well and what we can improve on. We found some potential quick-wins (small tweaks to the platform that'll help our users save time searching and categorising their items) but also some more 'weighty' modifications to the platform that we'll be working on throughout the summer.

That being said, the latest version of Paperclip comes strapped with a load of new features to make the browsing, buying and selling processes quicker and easier than ever before.

User Bios

First off, we have User Bios. This long-awaited addition to the platform has been requested by a number of our top sellers. If you're one of our users who's adding dozens, even hundreds of items, to their social inventory, it's a good idea to let potential buyers know what to expect before they embark on an epic scrolling session.

Likewise, if you're off on your summer hols and want to let buyers you might be a little while getting back to them, this is a perfect place to leave a short note.

As always, we've tried to make the process of setting and changing your bio and quick and easy as possible...

All you need to do is head to your profile and click the 'Settings' tab. If you've updated your app, you'll now see a new option; 'Bio'. Select the option and add up to 120 characters...and yes, emojis are permitted.

User profile items search

You now have ability to search your own and others' for sale and inactive items!

Let's say you're loving a seller's trainer collection, but you want to see if they have a pair of brogues for sale, you can just tap it into the search bar and you'll get your answer straight away.

You can also quickly locate your own items that're for sale or marked as inactive by repeating the process on your own Profile.

Add your item directly to a group

This next update can maximise your chances of finding a new home for your preloved items and save you a heap of time...

Now when you're adding an item for sale, you'll be given the option to add it directly into the groups you own and the ones you are a member of. Rather than having to head over to each group individually and add your items once they've been listed on your profile, now you can do it as part of the 'add item process'. Not only that, but Paperclip will suggest to you a list of groups we think might appreciate the listing.

Paperclip Groups have already proven to be a really effective way of getting your items in front of the right people. They've also helped countless buyers find what their looking for in these micro-marketplace for likeminded individuals.

For a deep dive on Paperclip Groups, check out our Spotlight on: Paperclip Groups blog post from a little while back.

Rest assured, we're not stopping here. We have a whole load of new features in development and another update on the horizon. Make sure you stay tuned to our blog for all the latest news from Paperclip HQ.

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Meet the Team: Justin

Today we're bringing you the first instalment of our brand new 'Meet the Team' series. Every month we'll be bringing you a short interview with a member of the Paperclip family...

This week we're saying hello to Justin, our long-serving Marketing Manager. Justin has been with us since 2017 and has been growing, and rewarding, the Paperclip community ever since!

Hey Justin, go ahead and introduce yourself to the blogosphere...

Hey everyone I'm Justin, the Marketing Manager here at Paperclip HQ. I mostly work on developing and executing our digital and email marketing strategies as well as providing general support to the team and our users.

How did it all begin?

So it'll be my four year anniversary as a full-time member of the Paperclip squad this coming August. I was studying Business Management at Swansea University and I was working for Red Bull as a Brand Ambassador the same time. In my final year, I wanted to gain some more work experience and started an internship with Paperclip. Once I graduated, there was only one place I wanted to work and that was right here. I started my first job after uni as a Marketing Coordinator and after a year, I became Marketing Manager!

A fresh-faced Justin on his first day on the job (sorry, not sorry - Ed.)
So what attracted you to the role?

I like having a variety of roles and taking on new challenges as it enables me to learn something new, and develop my skills. As we were in the early start-up stage, I thought this would be a great time to jump in and help the company, and community, grow.

What motivates you to keep going?

I love to build things and lead on projects. I love watching them develop and really take pride in any successes we have individually or as a team. I've been lucky to work on so many projects from the ground up, whether that be growing our student communities, creating ad campaigns or email flows to keep our users engaged and feeling valued.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I really like working on my own projects and start-up ideas, currently running a personalised hoodie blanket company! I also love Muay Thai, and will hopefully be having my first fight soon.

Do you have a favourite movie?

Pulp Fiction. What a film! Even though I've only seen it once, and that was about about 10 years ago, I really enjoyed it.

What's your dream holiday destination?

That's a tough one. Though I've always fancied going on a food odyssey in South East Asia on a motorbike. Maybe next year. If I do go, I'll be sure to share the photos on the @Paperclip HQ socials!

And finally, tell us a fun fact about yourself...

Hmmm, well this is kind of embarrassing, but when I younger I learned to play 'Numb' by Linkin Park on the piano. It's actually the only song I know how to play on there. Maybe one day I'll expand my repertoire...maybe.

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Our top 5 homeware items

If you've been with us for awhile, you'll know that Paperclip isn't just a place for gorgeous preloved garments, fabulous fitness items and awesome games & consoles. In fact, you can find countless bargains across all of our item categories.

Our 'Home & Garden' category boasts over 10,000 new and preloved items from sellers up and down the United Kingdom. If you're on the app or visiting us on your web browser and want to check out everything homeware, just head to the slider across the top of the screen and select the category. You then have the option to sort by price, date added or by sub-category making it super easy to find what you're looking for.

Today, we're bringing you our pick of the top five homeware items currently available on our beloved marketplace...

Metamec Wall Clock
clock, homeware

First up is this gorgeous retro wall clock from Paperclip seller @philip_1. Made in England back in the 1960s, these clocks were built to last. In stylish gold and cream, with all it's original detailing, this piece is listed at a reasonable £120.00. Still in perfect condition with no scratches or scuffs, this could be a perfect addition to your living room...

Floor lamp
lamp, homeware

We love this classic adjustable electric floor lamp and shade! With it's sturdy pine wood tripod stand and double brackets, you can see why this item has been viewed over 400 times. The lamp features protective feet pad prevent your floor from damage, a handy foot pedal switch and can be adjusted from 99cm to 1.43m!

You can pick it up now from Paperclip seller @c2hope! Even though it's brand new, it's a real bargain at only £75.00.

Pink flamingo
flamingo, homeware

Bright, colourful, and fun, this funky pink Flamingo could be a fabulous addition to your garden. These kitsch ornaments became popular in America in the 1960s but are enjoying a revival of late - at least on the Paperclip marketplace. You can purchase our avian amigo for less than a tenner (including delivery!) from Paperclip Powerseller @rf2022.

Sea grass baskets
baskets, homeware

Nowadays, storage space is at a premium. These authentic sea grass woven-baskets will keep your bits and bobs organised whilst keeping your pad looking stylish. This pack of three small, medium and large baskets feature white trim pom pom decorations and toggle fastening. Another listing from homeware queen @c2hope, this trio can be picked up for just £30.00.

Evil eye pendant
seeing eye, homeware

Now this is where things start getting a little spooky...

The evil eye wall hanging or 'nazar' as it's known in Middle Eastern cultures, is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against evil spirits. Not limited to the region, there are variations of these amulets that span across North Africa to Southern Europe to the Indian sub-continent. Not something you see every day and can easily hang off your wardrobe, wall or door. We think this piece would be an interesting addition to your front room, whether you're superstitious or not.

This amulet comes with its own box and is listed at £17.00 plus delivery. Be sure to check out new seller @aysen's other great listings whist your there too!

Be sure to keep checking the Paperclip marketplace for even more awesome homeware bargains.

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Listings never leave?

We're coming to you today with some exciting news...

Our development team have been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring you the biggest update of the year: a fundamental change to the buying/selling experience.

If you've read our recent blogs on fast-fashion faux pas and the perils of overconsumption, you'll know that we're waging a war on waste. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a new home for the stuff you no longer need, and to save preloved goods from landfill.

Your social inventory

At Paperclip, we see the future of item ownership as temporary - you merely hold onto an item while you're using it - and then you flip it on for sale to someone else.

Also, we realise that one of the biggest hurdles to selling your things online is the listing process itself. Because of this, Paperclip allows you to relist items you've previously bought in just three taps, without having to take the time to add a photo, description, price and everything else.

How does it work?

Once an item is bought on Paperclip, the item appears in your profile. From there, you can choose to hide that item, or relist it with ease when you're done using it.

When you go through the listing process, you'll be asked to confirm that the following details remain the same;

Photos: if the condition or look of the item has materially changed, please add new photos.

listings, social inventory

Price: if the item has risen or fallen in value, you can easily amend the price of the item.

Location: the item location may differ from your location now, if the location has changed, you can quickly update it.


Photos: We recognise that not all of our members would like to have their photos re-used for relisting. During the add item process, you're able to unselect the checkbox that states 'I am comfortable having the photos of my item reused by the buyer'

social inventory, listings

Items: It's recommended that you keep your purchased items public, so that other members can make an offer on that item - you never know when you might receive a higher offer to sell something on! However, you are able to hide items on your public profile at any time.

These changes are being rolled out this week. They're ready to go on web, but if you want to start building your new social inventory, just update your app for free to get the full Paperclip experience.

How are we doing?

What do you think about our new update? Whether you love it or loathe it, we want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment below...

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A look ahead on the sharing economy

It has been just over 15 years since Airbnb changed the way we think about where we stay. They democratised property rental and rewarded a whole generation of property owners and travellers alike. Since then, we've seen many other sectors transformed by the sharing economy. From food delivery (Deliveroo, Uber Eats) to transport (BlaBlaCar, Uber, Lime) to self-storage (Stashbee, StoreMate), we are witnessing a fundamental change to the way people are accessing goods and services.

But what about the humble marketplace? Commerce is a story as old as time, from the bazaars and souks to eBay and Gumtree. Not much has been done with this traditional model of buying and selling, except perhaps the 'mobile revolution', where marketplaces simply got a facelift for smartphone access.

Our vision for the future of marketplaces

If you think about it, it never really makes sense to buy something and hold onto it while you're not using it. We live in a world of overconsumption, facilitated by the traditional ecommerce models and incumbent buy/sell marketplaces.

Why not rethink the model, and instill a cultural shift towards temporary ownership? Imagine a world where everything you owned was online for people to buy, borrow or rent off you. Your car, your bikes, clothes, books, powertools - even the food in your cupboards -  listed on an online profile. You could browse the profiles of other people around you, moving items (and ownership) from profile to profile, seamlessly.

  • Need a powerdrill for 30 minutes? Bob round the corner will rent you his.
  • Looking for a new book to read? Sarah nextdoor has all of her books listed on her Paperclip profile.
  • Run out of cinnamon and need a dash for that apple pie? That house across the street has some, even though you've never met them before.

This would get you what you want, when you want it, and for far cheaper, faster and more sustainable than buying new.  That's the future that Paperclip is working towards.

Over the course of this year, we'll be taking the necessary steps to transform the culture of consumption and provide a marketplace that truly serves the people. Stay posted!

If you wish to keep up to date with the latest news from Paperclip HQ, simply follow us on Twitter here.

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The true cost of overconsumption

What motivates the team at Paperclip HQ to keep going?

In short, we're on a mission to challenge the way people think about the things they own and we believe that our trading community can make a difference. We understand the size of this challenge, but we also understand that we are a critical moment in terms of securing our future on this planet. There's never been a more urgent time for us rethink our shopping habits and reconsider how we buy, sell and swap.

Shocking Sustainability Statistics

Sibilance aside, we’re living in an era of mass overconsumption. We're already seeing the effects in our environment and these statistics really do paint a bleak picture of our collective consumption habits...

Fashion faux-pas

If you checked out our piece about fast fashion last year, you'll know that the fashion industry now manufacturing four times more items than it was back in 2001! Most of these new items are cheap, disposable items of clothing. These often end up in landfill, where it can take over two hundred years for them to decompose.

  • Over two tonnes of clothing bought each minute in UK
  • Amazingly, the average garment is worn just ten times before it's thrown out
  • Less than 10% of all the clothes we throw out gets successful recycled
  • Globally, the equivalent to a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up on landfill sites every second
Kitchen Nightmares

It's not just clothes that end up in landfill. Despite a sustained push to increase the rates of food recycling in the UK recent years, our environment is still struggling to digest our leftovers...

  • Right now, the UK wastes around 9.5 million tonnes of food every single year
  • Despite this, 7 million people in the country are struggling to afford to eat
  • Globally, a whopping 33% of all the food we produce is thrown out
  • It's not just` the food itself that we throw out, crockery and kitchen utensils often can't be recycled due to the materials used in the manufacturing process
E-waste embarrassment

The term 'e-waste' refers to electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their 'useful life.' Computers, mobiles, televisions and even games consoles are increasingly seen as 'disposable tech' with repairs often costing almost as much as a new device.

More and more electronics are finding their way into landfill

The amount of e-waste has been rising for years, but only now are we beginning to understand the real cost of our addiction to electronics.

  • Millions of tons of e-waste are generated globally every single month - the equivalent of throwing out 1000 laptops a second.
  • E-waste contains extremely toxic chemicals, including: lead, arsenic and mercury. Exposure to these chemicals, directly or indirectly, can cause a myriad health problems.
  • It's predicted that global e-waste levels will skyrocket to 74 metric tonnes by 2030 – almost double the figure recorded in 2014!
  • Though recovery and recycling rates for e-waste across Europe in 2019 stood at 59%, the global average was just 17.4%.

Paperclip is on a mission to help reshape these habits by facilitating the sale of preloved items and championing the sharing economy. With over three quarters of all the items sold on Paperclip being second hand, you have a great chance of finding a new home for your old iPhone, or the unwanted gift sat in your wardrobe.

It's free to join and with no fees for adding items, why not list your stuff for sale on the Paperclip marketplace today?

Keep up with the latest news and views from Paperclip HQ. Follow us on Twitter here.


This article contains research and statistics from the following sources; Labfresh Waste Index, United Nations FAO, edie and The World Counts.

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Spotlight on: Trade Centre

Over the last few weeks, the team at Paperclip HQ have been working hard to add new features and further improve our user experience...

In response to the feedback we collected from our trading community back in 2021, our Development team set about revamping our Trade Centre. Today, we're taking a look at some of the upcoming changes to the way you buy and sell on Paperclip.

Simplifying Buying and Selling

Right now, trades are separated across several tabs depending on what state they were in. In the 'Selling' section of the Trade Centre, items you have listed are broken down into five separate categories; Items, Offers, Accepted, Declined and Sold.

In the 'Buying' section, all items that you have ever made an offer for would be found in one of four categories. These are currently; Active, Won, Didn't Win and Completed.

Trade Centre, buy, sell
The current 'Buying' section categories on web

In our next update, both 'Buying' and 'Selling' will be simplified for a smoother user journey. Both sections will have just two tabs; Active & History. This will make it easier to find all your 'live' trades in one place.

Filtering your trades

Rather than having a long list of all trades that are yet to be completed, you'll soon be able to filter the trades displayed to further drill down into trades requiring a specific action e.g. locating an item that you've made a previously placed a bid on.

The new options for filtering active items in the 'Buying' section

These changes will be reflected on all platforms. So whether you're using the Paperclip marketplace on iOS, Android or a web browser, you'll soon get access to the new look, easy-to-use Trade Centre.

Oh, and it's not just the Trade Centre we're updating. You can head on over to our previous blog post to learn more about the exciting changes happening to Paperclip Groups!

We've got some huge exciting partnerships and new features in the pipeline for the next few months, so make sure to keep up to date with the latest news from Paperclip HQ. Follow us on Twitter here.

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