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Say hello to GoodMarket!

The team at Paperclip HQ have spent the last few months hard at work on an exciting new partnership...

As of this month, Paperclip will provide eToro's head office in Israel with an enterprise marketplace, for staff to buy, sell and swap together!

But there's much more to this project than just an internal marketplace, the new platform is part of a wider partnership with GoodDollar, an initiative backed by some of the biggest names in tech; including Elon Musk. GoodDollar is a universal basic income (UBI) project to help reduce income inequality around the world.

A little about GoodDollar...

With wealth inequality rising and future challenges such as automation on the horizon, concerned organisations and individuals are working together to mitigate the impact of these changes.

GoodDollar is a series of tests exploring different ways we can reduce global wealth inequality using blockchain technology. In time, GoodDollar plans to build a new open-source cryptocurrency to distribute money using the principles of universal basic income.

GoodDollar describes itself as a not-for-profit project 'nurturing an ecosystem of academics, NGOs, ethical investors, crypto supporters, and anyone who cares about reducing inequality'.

Launching GoodMarket

GoodMarket is a new marketplace where one can redeem their UBI credits (GoodDollars) in exchange for goods and services. Since our soft-launch earlier this week, dozens of early adopters filling up the marketplace with clothes, gadgets, kid's toys and more...

GoodDollar GoodMarket
The new GoodMarket on desktop and mobile

Rest assured, the new GoodMarkert users will still be able to create their own trading groups, part-exchange items and enjoy all the features of our existing public marketplaces.

This new platform can be accessed anytime on both mobile and desktop browser.

Following a successful trial phase, Paperclip will roll out similar marketplaces around the world...

Speaking about the new marketplace launch, our CEO Rich said, "We're incredibly excited to work with GoodDollar and eToro on this project, and all of the potential that a universal basic income might bring for those that need it most around the world."

Paperclip Marketing Manager Justin added, "The team at HQ are thrilled to be working with eToro. It's great to that we're both getting involved with such a worthwhile project. We hope that working together with GoodDollar can really make a positive impact."

This is a new adventure for the Paperclip team and we will be sure to keep you up to date on our journey with eToro, GoodDollar and universal basic income.

More to come...

Stay tuned to our blog as we will be unveiling some exciting updates to our marketplaces in the coming days. No only that, but Paperclip will be launching another three university marketplaces for the term's out!

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Paperclip join the Rebellion!

Paperclip are delighted to announce our new partnership with online retailer Rebellious Fashion, providing our student users with yet another exclusive discount!

On top of the generous reductions on the Rebellious Fashion website, our university marketplace users can now access an extra 12% off all online purchases.

Our journey with Rebellious

Rebellious Fashion started many years ago as a humble market stall in Merseyside. After making the bold decision to concentrate solely on the online side of their business, Rebellious achieved explosive growth of 900% last year alone.

A trailblazer in the UK's fast-fashion industry, the Rebellious team works with dozens of Instagram influencers to spread the good word about their collections. This has garnered an enormous following on social media, celebrity endorsements and a huge growth in both sales and brand recognition.

New on the Rebellious estore

After the success of our summer deals and discounts campaign, Rebellious reached out to us with an exclusive offer for our university marketplace users. After some great feedback from our Brand Ambassador team, we decided to open the offer up to all student users on all our campus marketplaces!

Speaking about the new partnership, Amy from the Rebellious eCommerce team said "Rebellious Fashion pride ourselves on offering the latest trends at affordable prices. Known for our wide variety of styles and cutting edge designs, our customers love us for our amazing going-out looks and our ability to provide a great fashion experience. We're pleased to have partnered with Paperclip to give their users an extra 12% off everything with our exclusive offer."

Paperclip CMO Laurence added "We are thrilled to be partnering with Rebellious. I first become familiar with the brand earlier this year when they were featured in Business Cloud. It's great to see a homegrown business making the most of Instagram and other social media platforms to connect with their users. As a considerable portion of Rebellious' customer base are students, we couldn't wait to strike up an official partnership and give our users even more of what they want!

To access the discount, our uni marketplace users just need to enter PAPERCLIP12 at checkout. T's & C's apply: offer excludes beauty and accessories.

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Paperclip hit up #Freshers2019

It's that time of year again...

It seems like only yesterday that the team at HQ were packing their bags for our very first Fresher's event last year at Brunel Union.

After a busy summer of marketing meetings, presentations, design briefs and Brand Ambassador interviews; our new promo teams were assembled and Paperclip was finally ready for Freshers' 2019.

Not to break with tradition - we started this year's tour at Brunel University in Uxbridge. Armed with our new banners, t-shirts, interactive games and a whole host of new deals and discounts for students, we began Operation: Freshers.

Despite Brunel being one of the smaller universities we service, the Freshers' Fayre was bustling. Within minutes of the doors being opened, hundreds of new students signing up to their very own campus marketplace and entering our exclusive Ticketmaster competition.

Paperclip, Freshers, Brunel
Becky, Kiera and new recruit Ayesha at the Brunel Freshers' Fayre

We continued our tour with stops at Cardiff Metropolitan, Aberystwyth and Exeter Guild of Students before descending on the capital to promote our uni marketplaces to over 50,000 students!

London calling...

After attending two more busy Freshers' events at Queen Mary and Royal Holloway, our team headed to south of the river to launch the Greenwich SU marketplace!

A last minute addition to the tour, the team back at HQ worked tirelessly to ensure that the new marketplace was ready for a September launch. With students now able to claim exclusive deals and discounts at Amazon, Brushbox and more, it wasn't long until we had Greenwich students signing up in their hundreds.

This section of the tour ended with stops at old favourites UCL and King's College London - our very first university marketplaces!

The show must go on...

Despite some horse voices and a few casualties from the dreaded Freshers' flu, our team marched on to more busy Freshers' events at Keele, Surrey, Sheffield and Liverpool John Moors University.

The team also enjoyed two successful Fridays on the south coast, starting with our most recent acquisition, Solent SU. Full to capacity, the Solent Fresher's Fayre provided us with an excellent opportunity for us to launch their new marketplace and familiarise students with the new platform.

freshers, paperclip, solent
Our new Solent Brand Ambassador team (l-r): Dani, Nicola and Sarah

The team at Solent SU opted to merge their marketplace with the existing SUSU market; the Paperclip platform serving students their neighbours at Southampton University. This gives users access to items for sale at both universities whilst still giving them all the benefits they would enjoy otherwise.

Over the course of the two days, thousands of new students signed up to their respective platforms and our new users began buying, selling and swapping straight away!

Our tour hasn't stopped just yet. This week our COO Alan will be heading to the prestigious Cambridge University for the re-launch of the CUSU marketplace. Make sure you follow @PaperclipHQ on Twitter for all the updates on the big day.

We're still crowdfunding!

As you may have seen already - Paperclip is now funded! However, we are still live on Seedrs for another week so there's still time to be a part of one the UK's leading startups!

Approved by Seedrs. Capital at risk.

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Introducing a very special investor…

Today marks a very special day for Paperclip; the team at HQ are delighted to welcome David Buttress, co-founder and former CEO of Just Eat as a new investor.

Technically, David invested his funds last year as one of the very first investors in this round in the early stages, but as we are only now completing everything it feels like the right time to announce David’s involvement.

David got involved with Just Eat in the early days, back when the startup was based in a basement out of Denmark. From there, David launched the UK side of the business, and ultimately ended up taking the concept from that basement to a multi-billion IPO as CEO. In terms of a founder/CEO, David has essentially completed ‘the game’.  Given this, we are immensely proud to have David involved with us, and our opportunity came when he decided to step down from Just Eat to spend more time with his family.

As a bit of background...

Our founder Rich first became of David Buttress back in 2014 when first starting out with Paperclip. It was by chance he accepted an invitation to a networking event at a private bank in London, and David was one of the speakers.

Describing their first meeting Rich recalled, "Firstly, I was blown away by the professionalism of the presentation: it was so slick and polished, and it was mind-blowing to hear way David spoke about things like international expansion. Back then, I recall him saying things like ‘the US has some very well- funded and fast moving competition in this sector, and so we will turn our attention to less developed markets like Latin America in order to rapidly scale and hoover up global market share’. To a pseudo-CEO with an MVP in development, it was a bit of a turning point moment that things could in fact turn real – that my abstract and conceptual business plan might one day actually be delivered.

Secondly, I could detect a slight Welsh twang during David’s presentation, and after some quick Googling I was so utterly inspired to learn that – like me – David was a Welshman! This was a huge motivational leap for me, learning that such an enigmatic co-founder and CEO of one of the UK’s most well-known (and fastest growing) marketplaces was in fact from Wales… meant that perhaps I could make something of Paperclip as well.

Fast-forward four years and I found myself mentoring a 17 year old named Dafydd on his startup idea at the Natwest Accelerator. Dafydd happened to be a friend of David, and so introduced us. The rest is history...

David Buttress Just Eat CEO Rich Woolley
David and Rich at the Principality Stadium back in 2018

It’s worth noting that I had tried to get in touch with David many times throughout the years on LinkedIn, etc – but clearly someone of this stature is inundated by investment opportunities, and so I never really expected a response. I guess this shows the power of a personal introduction!"

We’re all so excited to benefit from David’s wealth of experience as one of the top marketplace CEOs to have ever come from the UK.

We're still open!

Our latest investment round is still open, and though we have reached our target of £300,000, there is still four weeks remaining for you to get involved.

Join David (and our other 200 investors) in being a part of our award winning start up. Head to our Seedrs page for more info...

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Solent joins the party!

Back in the summer of 2018, Paperclip reached out to the team at the Southampton University Students' Union with a proposition: to create a bespoke trading platform for students at one of the UK's fastest growing unis.

That September, we launched the SUSU marketplace and were blown away with the response from the student community there. Our Marketing team, along with our army of Student Brand Ambassadors tirelessly promoted the new platform at the uni's Fresher's Fayre, promo days and on social media. By the end of the month, over 1,000 Southampton students had signed up to the platform and users had already started making use of all of the marketplace features.

As the year progressed, that number more than doubled and the SUSU market became fully integrated into student's life on campus.

Launching the Solent SU marketplace

Word travels fast, and before long we were in discussions to launch another campus marketplace in Southampton, this time for students at Solent University.

A little smaller than it's neighbour to the east, Solent University still caters for around 11,000 students and has a great reputation for sport and maritime studies.

Our new friends at Solent Students' Union wanted their own bespoke trading platform, fully loaded with all the deals and discounts enjoyed by students at Paperclip universities across the county.

Due to the proximity of the two Southampton universities, the new marketplace will give students access not only items listed at Solent, but ones listed on the SUSU marketplace too.

solent, solent su, marketplace
The new Solent SU marketplace

Speaking about the upcoming launch Paperclip CMO Laurence said "It's great to have Solent SU on board in time for the new academic year. The team are hoping to build on our success last year at Southampton Uni and create the ultimate trading platform for students in the city. We will be officially launching the new marketplace next week at the Solent Fresher's Fayre and we couldn't be more excited."

Justin, our Marketing Manager added, "We have secured some great student deals and discounts for new users for the coming year. We're delighted to go live with Solent SU and we really believe that the new platform will help their students discover value on campus."

Be sure to keep you up-to-date with all our Freshers' week shenanigans by following us on Facebook.

Paperclip is crowdfunding. Head to our Seedrs page for more info...

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Crowdfunding: an update

Just a quick update from our Seedrs campaign...

Last month, Paperclip launched it's very first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to top-up our existing investment round. Our target was £300,000 and 200 investors. Within a few days, we had already surpassed the £250,000 mark with 250 new investors from all over the world wanting a piece of the action!

A former professional Australian Rules Football Player, a board member at Lamborghini and the owner of a bank in the Middle East all reached out to us and secured their shares in one of the NatWest #PowerUp top 50 startups of 2019.

We then reached out to our own users to see if they wanted to own a slice of their favourite online marketplace. It didn't take long for our inbox to light up with scores of traders looking for more information on their next investment.

seedrs, paperclip, crowdfunding
4th September 2019: we're almost there!

Speaking about the campaign, our CEO Rich said, "We are delighted with the volume and calibre of our new investors this round. This round will allow us to broaden our UK market share from 30 universities to 70, adding significant depth to our userbase. Furthermore, it's a fantastic opportunity for us to strengthen and rollout our propositions for schools and corporates, and trial a new entry into some new markets such as India with our new growth partners. Our platform design and infrastructure has been overhauled over the past year, and this hard work - along with a newly introduced payment gateway - will help our open marketplace start to challenge incumbents. Overall, this is an incredibly important stepping stone on our road to making Paperclip a household name over the next few years, and the team could not be more excited."

Get involved!

There's still time to invest in the UK's leading marketplace provider. Head to our Seedrs page to get started today.

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Launching The Students’ Guild marketplace

It's been an busy summer here at Paperclip HQ. Prior to launching our crowdfunding campaign last week, the team have been working hard on adding the finishing touches to Version 3 of the Paperclip app, as well as getting our new schools marketplaces ready for the next academic year.

To add to the excitement, we can officially announce that we're now powering the official marketplace for The University of Exeter Students' Guild.

The Students' Guild represents more than 22,000 undergraduate and postgrad students at the University of Exeter in Devon. The Students' Guild currently supports over 200 different societies, ranging from Drama to Dodgeball and hosts regular events and activities for students throughout the year.

The new marketplace will allow students at the university to buy, sell and swap with one another without any extra fees or charges. Students can trade safely and even create their own trading groups based on their societies or interests. The platform also gives users access to a whole host of exclusive student deals and discounts.

exeter, students guild, paperclip, marketplace, buy, sell, swap, student
A sneak preview of The Students' Guild marketplace

Speaking about the upcoming launch, Paperclip CMO Laurence said "It's wonderful to have The University of Exeter Student's Guild on board. The Marketing Team are really excited about the upcoming Fresher's period and can't wait to spread the word around campus. We hope the new marketplace will help students at Exeter to save money on their university essentials and discover value on campus."

Stay tuned for more...

In the coming days, Paperclip will be announcing the launch of two more university marketplaces for the academic year 2019/20! We will also be letting you know about an exciting developments in our Seedrs campaign, as well as the new additions to the Paperclip family...

Paperclip is crowdfunding! Head to our Seedrs page for more information.

Capital at risk.

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We’re crowdfunding!

A huge announcement today from Paperclip HQ...

We are entering what promises to be the most exciting phase in the history of Paperclip right now. Over the next six months, the team at Paperclip HQ will be implementing our long-awaited payment gateway, releasing completely re-written, updated Android and iPhone apps, and growing our community marketplace client base from 24 to over 60!

To fund this mission, we’ve opened a new investment round, which has so far resulted in over thirty new investors joining us, ranging from doctors and fund managers to the co-founder and former CEO of Just-Eat, David Buttress. They join an extraordinary group of investors including Go Compare founder Hayley Parsons and ex-CFO of the Financial Times, John Davis.

Not only this, but as of today, we are launching a public crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs – this will allow us onboard anyone who has ever wanted to invest in us, from as little as £12!

This may be old news to our existing users and readers of MyDreamality, who were provided both with a private link to the campaign last week. We may have already hit 65% of our target, but there is still and long way to go and plenty of time to invest in the UK's leading marketplace provider.

But why should you invest in Paperclip?
  • Record month-on-month sales: our plan to onboard as many communities as possible is well underway. July saw a large uptick in sales, with new schools, universities and other communities onboarded – the figures will continue to rise now inline with our increasingly aggressive sales campaigns.
  • Open consumer marketplace is about to take off: June saw record numbers of organic users and items added to our open consumer marketplace. After our payment gateway goes live in Autumn, we expect every month to be a record-breaking month, as Paperclip will start to transition from a community marketplace provider to a nationwide buying and selling platform. As you can imagine, adding the ability for buyers and sellers to transact electronically removes several barriers to usage – instead of buying an iPhone off someone round the corner, you’ll now be able to purchase it from someone in another city entirely. When combined with more stable Android and iPhone access, an upgraded marketing budget, and some savvy growth hacks, we thoroughly expect the open marketplace to start making waves.
invest, Seedrs, Paperclip
Paperclip founders Alan & Rich (centre) with existing investors Hayley Parsons (left) & Sarah Smith from the Development Bank of Wales (right)
  • Exciting product enhancements in the next three months: the next few months will see us add a powerful new payment gateway, which will effectively enable us to start competing with the likes of Shpock and Depop on a national scale. Our open consumer marketplace hasn’t got as much love as our community marketplaces over the past year, mainly because we have been completely rewriting and updating our Android and iPhone apps. All of this hard work is about to culminate with new product releases in August and October. We expect to see organic downloads and usage of our open marketplace start to steadily increase as of October!
  • An all-star team, positioned to scale: with a shiny new office in Cardiff city center and a talented team across all facets of product development, marketing and sales. We have an award-winning product designer (Steve), along with an experienced team comprising of several first-class graduates and a PhD; combined, this team has more than enough ability to execute our plan.

Be part of something special. Head to our Seedrs page today for more information.

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Paperclip: Version 3 is go!

Here at Paperclip, we're always thinking of new ways to improve the experience for our fabulous users. Our Design and Development teams have been working tirelessly throughout the start of the year, drawing from user feedback, to create the perfect buying and selling platform. So, it is with great excitement, that we can finally reveal a shiny new version of the Paperclip marketplace...

So what's new?

The team have been working to add new features and improve the Paperclip user journey. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, so here’s a brief explanation of what’s new:

version, version 3, paperclip, buy, sell, swap, phone
  • Take control of your offers –you can now view and manage all your individual offers and how many views your item has had. Choose to accept, decline or message about the offer any time whilst the offer is still active.

  • Buying and selling icons - help you keep track of your activity – beforehand, all item activity was placed under one icon which was combined to be the “trading centre”. After listening to feedback, it was clear that this was too confusing for users.

  • Notifications all in one place -  now your messages and notifications are under one icon for a cleaner and clearer user experience.

  • Add item listings into a chat – remind your buyer/seller what item you are discussing by featuring it in your messaging thread and provide further photos if needed rather than changing your original listing.

Speaking about the new improvements to the platform, our Front-end Developer Harry said, "With the new version, Paperclip has taken invaluable feedback given by our user base and used it to make our marketplaces even better. We've revolutionized the trading experience with an aim to put ease of use at it's forefront, whilst supercharging their ability to monitor and interact with other buyers and sellers with speed and clarity across an altogether more streamlined platform."

Marketing Manager Justin added, "It's great to have the new version of the marketplace up and running before our busy Fresher's period! The feedback we had from our users has shaped Version 3 and we're really grateful for those who took the time to tell us what they loved (and what they didn't) about V2."

version 3, version, buy, sell, swap, paperclip
The new Buying and Selling screens

Whether you are a student, or a member of the global marketplace, we want to thank you for your feedback which has enabled us improve the Paperclip user experience. We're constantly looking for ways to expand the platform and give you more of what you want, so feel free to get in touch with your thoughts at:

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Introducing Paperclip school marketplaces

Since the launch of our first university marketplaces last year, Paperclip HQ has been bombarded with requests for a new platform enabling school parents to buy and sell items for themselves or their children in a safe environment.

In short: you spoke, we listened.

After doing some digging online, we found that in a recent survey, almost half of parents stated that they had concerns about the cost of kitting out their children for the new academic year. That's no surprise considering things like uniform, classroom equipment and PE kit can quickly add up, with parents on average spending £250 on each of their children!

Paperclip set out to solve the problem faced by parents across the country. We wanted to create a platform that would save parents time and money, foster a sense of community and most importantly, ensure that children have all they need for school.

Building the school marketplace

Soon our Design and Dev' teams began working on safe and easy-to-use platform designed with the busy lives of parents in mind. Like our university marketplaces, we wanted their schools counterparts to be customised for who it'd be serving. This would allow for schools and colleges to have their own branding and colour scheme for the marketplace, as well as their own choice of URL.

Within a few weeks, we were testing the new platform internally. After some minor tweaks (and a few sleepless nights) we are able to announce Paperclip school marketplaces open for business!

On the new platform, parents can make offers on items from other parents nearby, or can add their own items for sale, swap or collection. The marketplace allows buyers and sellers to communicate via. our in-built messaging service, where they can agree terms of the trade themselves.

school, schools, parents, paperclip marketplace
Try our school marketplace FREE for a full year

Like the global, corporate and university marketplaces, our school platforms allow users to join and create their own micro-marketplaces. These smaller marketplace groups can be based on interests, school year or just for general hobbies.

How to get started

You can get started in minutes, and it's totally FREE!

Creating a marketplace for your school could not be easier, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

1.) Complete the sign-up form
2.) Receive your marketplace within 48 hours
3.) Promote the marketplace to parents (don't worry we have you covered!)

Upon receipt of your marketplace, you’ll receive a guide on how to get the most out of the marketplace as well as some marketing material you can use to help spread the word around school!

Good to know

For every school that signs up before 31 July 2019, we will provide a FREE marketplace for the entire academic year. The trial ends 31 July 2020.

Paperclip takes care of the everyday running and maintenance of the marketplace. This includes; answering questions, solving problems and moderating the site. You just need to let your parents know about it.

With all our school marketplaces; safety and security are our key priorities. With a number of verification checks in place you can rest assured we'll keep you safe online.

Oh, and our legal team have assisted in ensuring that all of our data handling processes are completely GDPR-compliant.

Don't delay, register for a free marketplace today!

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