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May 25, 2022 - 1 comment.

Listings never leave?

We're coming to you today with some exciting news...

Our development team have been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring you the biggest update of the year: a fundamental change to the buying/selling experience.

If you've read our recent blogs on fast-fashion faux pas and the perils of overconsumption, you'll know that we're waging a war on waste. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to find a new home for the stuff you no longer need, and to save preloved goods from landfill.

Your social inventory

At Paperclip, we see the future of item ownership as temporary - you merely hold onto an item while you're using it - and then you flip it on for sale to someone else.

Also, we realise that one of the biggest hurdles to selling your things online is the listing process itself. Because of this, Paperclip allows you to relist items you've previously bought in just three taps, without having to take the time to add a photo, description, price and everything else.

How does it work?

Once an item is bought on Paperclip, the item appears in your profile. From there, you can choose to hide that item, or relist it with ease when you're done using it.

When you go through the listing process, you'll be asked to confirm that the following details remain the same;

Photos: if the condition or look of the item has materially changed, please add new photos.

listings, social inventory

Price: if the item has risen or fallen in value, you can easily amend the price of the item.

Location: the item location may differ from your location now, if the location has changed, you can quickly update it.


Photos: We recognise that not all of our members would like to have their photos re-used for relisting. During the add item process, you're able to unselect the checkbox that states 'I am comfortable having the photos of my item reused by the buyer'

social inventory, listings

Items: It's recommended that you keep your purchased items public, so that other members can make an offer on that item - you never know when you might receive a higher offer to sell something on! However, you are able to hide items on your public profile at any time.

These changes are being rolled out this week. They're ready to go on web, but if you want to start building your new social inventory, just update your app for free to get the full Paperclip experience.

How are we doing?

What do you think about our new update? Whether you love it or loathe it, we want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment below...

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June 20, 2019 - No Comments!

Paperclip partner with Resooma!

Our friends at Resooma began life back in 2016 with a clear mission: to solve the problem with finding quality student housing. Feedback from UK students suggested that those studying at university were running into the same old issues when attempting to secure housing and it negatively impacting their overall student experience.

Prior Resooma's (formerly University Cribs) launch, students in the UK were using a combination of online and offline processes to secure housing. Students were trawling a myriad letting websites before phoning up to arrange viewings. There were further issues organising a convenient time for numerous potential house/flatmates, with conflicting university and work schedules, to attend. This would then often involve secondary viewings and further meetings. Both students and letting agent were finding the process both uneconomical and time consuming.

The Resooma team found opportunity to create smoother journey for student customers by putting the entire process online. This means working with letting agents as a trusted third party to give students as much information on their potential halls of residence, student house or flat.


The Resooma team began looking at different technologies, such as VR, to improve the student letting journey. Drawing on a background working in student events, promotion and marketing, the Resooma team were able to build an active presence in over 30 cities across the UK within their first year.

Resooma then isolated further issues with the student letting experience. Once students had moved in to their new accommodation, they were often finding themselves waiting weeks for broadband installation as well as confusion over utility bill liabilities. The team then launched Resooma bills, a platform giving students more control over their utilities and merging rent and bills together. This gives students the option to be responsible for their own outgoings, skirting the issues around chasing other housemates for outstanding bills and helping students avoid any nasty blips on their credit scores.

With it's office located only a few minutes walk from our Cardiff HQ, it only made sense for us to collaborate and explore some exciting possibilities of how we can add value to both our platforms.

Speaking about the new partnership, Paperclip CMO Laurence said "We are excited to partnering with one of the UK's most exciting student brands. The Development team are keen to integrate Resooma services to our platforms and to give students even more value from their campus marketplace."

Resooma CEO Jack Jenkins added "Resooma are always looking to partner with the leading companies in the student space and the Paperclip marketplace is an amazing solution for our combined audiences. There are a number of exciting opportunities we anticipate emerging from this partnership and we can't wait to see it grow"

Though in it's early stages, over Summer we will announcing how Resooma and Paperclip will be working together to both grow and improve our platforms by giving students more of what they want.

Get the latest Paperclip news by following us on Twitter here, or keep up to date with Resooma by following here.

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October 10, 2018 - No Comments!

Launching the Southampton University SU marketplace

The Paperclip team were lucky enough to spend last weekend on the south coast for the launch of the University of Southampton SU marketplace.

A total of 23,000 students are currently enrolled at the Russell Group university, which has campuses in Southampton, Winchester and now Malaysia. Recognised at home and abroad, the university has a great reputation and is listed in the top 20 UK universities in both The Complete University Guide and The Times Good University Guide 2019.

Paperclip began speaking with the team at the University of Southampton Students' Union, or 'SUSU', back in April of this year. Much like our initial discussions with the SUs at Brunel, King's College London and Keele, we pitched the idea of bespoke, sustainable marketplace which would allow students to buy, sell and swap everything they need for university. A marketplace which allows students to both save and make money.

After travelling down to Hampshire to meet the SUSU team, we pushed ahead with a test site. A few days later, the official SUSU marketplace was live.

Marketing the marketplace

Once work on the marketplace had been completed, the Paperclip Marketing Team began collaborating with the Design Team to create an effective print and digital campaign to help familiarise Southampton students with their new marketplace.

We also began recruiting a team of SUSU Student Brand Ambassadors to spread word of the new marketplace across campus, starting at our launch at the Southampton Fresher's Fayre.

With our squad assembled, we headed to the packed Highfield Campus and began reaching out to the Southampton student community.

southampton, uni, susu, paperclip

The Paperclip Ambassadors (L-R) Raphaella, Ella, Phoebe and Amy at the launch

From start to finish our Ambassadors worked tirelessly promoting the platform. Their efforts were certainly not in vain with almost a 1,000 University of Southampton students signing up to the marketplace on the day.

Speaking after the event, Pip Doherty, Deputy Director of Union Services at Southampton University Students Union said "The team at SUSU are pleased to be partnering with Paperclip and we are delighted the launch of the marketplace went well."

The team at Paperclip HQ are looking forward to growing the SUSU marketplace community further and adding great new member benefits over the coming weeks.

Does your university need it's own student marketplace? Get in touch.

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January 30, 2018 - No Comments!

Paperclip x MoneyMagpie Competition Update

Greetings from Paperclip HQ!

Here's quick update about the Paperclip x MoneyMagpie January competition

Earlier this month, Paperclip teamed up with self-help money site MoneyMagpie to help users save money on their online shopping and earn a some extra cash decluttering after Christmas.

The team at Paperclip HQ have spent the month getting the word out about the new partnership and we've been taken back by the response we've had!

Hundreds of you have already taken to the new marketplace to sell your old stuff and savvy new users are popping up every minute! So, due to enormous public demand, we've taken the decision to extend the competition deadline to 2pm on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

moneymagpie, buy, swap, sell, app, marketplace, uk, competition, giveaway, win

Just to recap what's on offer...

To celebrate this new partnership with MoneyMagpie, we are giving users of the new marketplace the chance to win £100's worth of of pre-paid Visa cards to spend wherever they want. Not bad, eh? Read more

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October 11, 2017 - No Comments!

Top 5 Random Items added to Paperclip

When you think of random, what do you think?
...a difficult one to comprehend right?

Have you ever been in that position where you are needed to think of something so random, your mind is at a blank...? Well, my friend, you are not alone.

I mean let's face it, random can be as wide-ranging as you'd like it to and there's actually no real way of defining its extent. In fact, random thoughts don't happen whilst thinking, it happens randomly - hence 'random'.

adjective - made, done, or happening without method or conscious decision

So now that we've cleared that up - here's our top 5 random items added to Paperclip:


1. The Apple Calculator

Hmm, I guess this may be useful in calculating how much you're thinking of spending on Apple products this Christmas and thinking how much you've saved on this iCalculator!

Unfortunately, I have to say with regret that they've probably still upped the value of this calculator by adding the Apple sticker.

We've given this a Random Rating (RR) of 6/10


2. The Right Foot

Description: My dog chewed the left foot right before the day I was going to put these for sale. The right foot is still in good quality, only worn once. Half price! Click here to check out this trainer!

They are clearly in denial that this will sell. I mean unless you like wearing two different trainers at the same time, or a similar situation occurred where someone is left with solely their left trainer... then this is a miracle... although the chances of that happening are slim to say the least.

Nevertheless, this has to make the list - the description says it all.

RR: 9/10


3. The Wrapper

This may just be the place to recycle your unwanted items, but a chocolate wrapper... really?

We think this user may be slightly flaky... (excuse the pun)

7 out of 10 on effort of randomness


4. The Gareth Bale Soother

Description: "One has been eaten by Gareth bale" Click here to check out these sweets!

This must definitely be genuine *cough cough*

A forged signature, a signed football or shirt, something more realistic, but a packet of soothers?

I'd love to know how he thought of this, but then again random thoughts just appear out of nowhere, don't they?

The winner of randomness goes to this guy! RR: 10/10


5. The Paperclips

I think this person had a different idea upon downloading Paperclip - a place to sell paperclips perhaps?

Well not that we don't think it is a great item and if you're in the paperclips business, this is the best place to sell them right? So not so random after all - but I'll your subconscious be the decider on that.


Well, there you go folks, our top 5 random items on Paperclip. So random it's not... but it is...

If you've seen or uploaded an item on Paperclip which you think beats these on randomness, please email us at with the details and we may feature this on Paperclip's 'Random Item of the Month'.

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