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Finance: Making your money go further (Part 1)

Strapped for cash? Here are ten quick tips to help you reduce spending and minimise debt.

1.) Apply for scholarships, bursaries and grants

Scholarships, bursaries and grants are all funding that is provided by the university, government, charities and more, which doesn’t need to be paid back. Thousands of students every year are eligible for these funding, but miss out due to not knowing about them, or simply not applying. Check out your university for this information as each one will be different.

2.) University Hardship Fund

If you’re struggling to pay your way through university, you can apply to a university Hardship fund. You can check if your within the criteria here.

3.) Learn how to haggle

You’d be amazed how easy it is to get things cheaper just by asking.

4.) Switch

Are you getting the best deal you can from your bank / mobile phone provider / electricity supplier? If not, get a different one.

5.) Stop smoking

The average smoker saves more than £1,500(!) a year by giving up. Why wouldn’t you?

6.) Leave the card at home

It’s an old trick but a good one. Take a set amount of cash (and nothing else) with you on a night out and there’s no risk of it turning into an account-battering spree.

7.) Make your own sandwiches

For £2, you can buy a tasteless supermarket cheese sandwich. For £5, you could make your own delicious cheese sandwiches for a week.

8.) Use libraries and other uni resources

Most universities give you free access to all the books and learning resources you could ever need. So why buy them?

9.) Claim back rail fares

Did you know you can get compensation if your train is delayed by 15 minutes or more? Check your train company’s website for more info on the Delay Repay scheme.

10.) Fill in online surveys

There are plenty of websites willing to give you vouchers or even hard cash in return. Try Crowdology, Swagbucks or OnePoll.

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