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Finance: Making your money go further (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our guide to saving cash whilst at university...

11.) Buy supermarket own brands

A fancy branded box of cornflakes is more than twice the price of its supermarket equivalent. But not twice as tasty.

12.) Reuse leftovers

Most food keeps perfectly well for three days, as long as you refrigerate it soon enough after cooking. Some things can be stored in the freezer for three months or more.

13.) Don’t buy bottled water

All mains tap water in the UK is safe to drink. And, unless you’re on a meter, it’s essentially free.

14.) Freecycle

Need any extra bits and pieces for your room? There are lots of people who are more than happy for you to take their old stuff off their hands.

15.) Watch your overdraft

Most banks will hit you with eye-watering penalties if you go over your limit. Download your bank's mobile app to keep a close eye on your balance wherever you are.

16.) Claim back overpaid tax

Do you have a holiday or term-time job? Does it pay less than £12,500 a year? Then your income tax bill should be £0. Find out how to get a tax rebate if you’ve paid too much

17.) Make the most of student discounts

Use your university ID card to get money off all kinds of purchases. Our welcome pack is just the start of your student discount journey. Be sure to check back for

18.) Get free software

Microsoft let most students download Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. for free. Find out if you’re eligible

19.) Sell your old phone

Got any old phones or tablets lying around? Try downloading the Paperclip app, and sell it to a student at your university.

20.) Ignore best before dates

Best before dates on food are about quality, not safety. So while that ‘out of date’ packet of penne may not taste tip-top, there’s absolutely no need to chuck it out. (Do not eat, cook or freeze anything past its use by date, however, as it could be unsafe even if it looks or smells fine.)

Other considerations...
Be careful about borrowing

99% of students cannot avoid getting into debt. But some debt is much better than others. Student loans are good because they offer a reasonable interest rate and you don’t have to pay them back until you’re earning enough to afford it. Most other loans are not nearly so generous. Beware!

Seize earning opportunities

Babysitting? Dog walking? Focus groups? Every little helps. If you’re after paid work, keep an eye out for student brand ambassador jobs – much more fun and flexible than working in a supermarket or behind a bar.

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