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Nights Out: Staying safe

7 tips for staying safe on a night out

The UK is generally a safe place for students, thanks to relatively low crime rates and reliable security cover, especially on campuses and in big cities. That said, there are always extra steps you can take to stay safe...

1.    Stick together

You’re much less likely to be targeted by criminals when you’re with a group of people you know and trust. Safety in numbers.

2.    Remember the safeword ‘Angela’

If you’re feeling unsafe at a bar or club, tell the person at the bar or the bouncer that you’re ‘looking for Angela’. Most night time workers know that this is a codeword for them to provide you with some safety.

3.    Drink with caution

Yes, that third Jägerbomb does look very inviting… but losing control can be dangerous. Try not to push your limits with alcohol, however tempting it may be. To protect yourself against drink spiking, never leave your drink unattended and do not accept a drink from anyone you don’t know.

4.    Stay on the beaten track

People are less likely to commit crime in busy areas with good lighting and lots of CCTV. If you’re going to walk home, it’s a good idea to plan a safe route in advance, avoiding dark alleyways, canal paths and parks.

5.    Don’t get involved

Strangers may want to pick fights with you when you’re out. Especially drunken strangers. The best strategy is just to ignore them and walk away. If you see a fight, get help from bouncers or the police. You can also set up your iPhone to automatically record an incident if you think you might be in danger.

6.    Travel light

The more stuff you have on you, the more thieves have to steal. Try to keep cash to a minimum and only take what you need.

7.    Only use a licensed cab

In the words of the old Transport for London safety campaign: “If your minicab’s not booked, it’s just a stranger’s car.”  You can save £5 on your first Ola ride here!

Have fun and stay safe!

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