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Staying In: The perfect student house party in six steps

Everyone should try to host at least one party during their time at university. Here are six quick tips for making yours one to remember...

Note: always take note of the Coronovirus rules and guidelines in your area before holding any indoor gathering.

1.) Music

It’s the all-important ingredient of any great party, so don’t leave it to chance. Create a playlist in advance or find one you like. If you’re unsure, get advice from a music-loving friend (who will probably be only too happy to help). Beg, borrow or steal (but don’t actually steal) some decent Bluetooth speakers. And make sure they are ones that require a pin – that way, nobody can hijack your carefully curated selection with a room-clearing drone metal set.

2.) Food

Snacks are always good. It gives people something to do with their hands and stops hungry guests raiding your cereal cupboard. No need to go overboard, though. Some cheap crisps and dips, breadsticks, popcorn etc. should be enough to keep everyone happy.

3.) Drink

A party without drink is like a football match without goals. So even though most people will bring their own alcohol, it’s definitely worth investing in a communal supply. A couple of punch bowls / cocktail jugs usually does the trick.

4.) Lighting

Bright overhead lights are the ultimate mood killer. That’s why clubs turn them on at the end of the night. Make use of whatever alternatives you can lay your hands on. Bedside lights? Lava lamps? Christmas decorations? The world of low-watt lighting is your oyster. Candles and tea lights obviously come with a fire risk, so please use with caution.

5.) Neighbours

There are two good reasons to let your neighbours know when you’re having a party. One, it’s just common decency. Two, they’ll be less likely to complain. Give them a rough idea of when the party’s going to start and end. It might also be a nice idea to extend them an invite. Who knows? You could end up becoming friends.

6.) Stay safe

As we all know, the coronavirus slammed the brakes on all partying during the first half of the year. As we have seen this month, from time to time, the government may impose some stricter measures to help stop the spread of the virus. It’s always best to check for the latest updates on the rules and regulations in your locality.  

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