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Study: Secrets of being a top student

Apart from anything else, university is a brilliant opportunity for you to dive deep into your chosen subject and acquire knowledge and learning that will last you a lifetime. Here are some tips for helping you make the most of your studies...

Get organised

A study plan can help you manage your time more effectively and reduces the risk of missing deadlines (or forgetting about them altogether). Download a weekly timetable template and make sure you have all the right tools for the job. Psst – you can get a exclusive discount for some gorgeous Amethies Stationary here.

Go to lectures

Of course you’re going to sleep through the odd 9am-er. Nobody’s perfect. Just try not to miss too many – you’ll regret it come exam time.

Take notes

Not only will it give you something to revise from come exam time. The process of taking notes is also extremely useful for helping you learn, understand and remember new concepts. Not sure how to do it? Try one of these tried and tested methods: the Cornell Notes system, Outlining, Concept mapping

Get your textbooks sorted early

Textbooks may not be essential for all courses, but when a deadline looms, those books will be like gold dust in the uni library. Don’t get caught out – our partners Perlego allow you to access every textbook you need online, at a fraction of the price. You can even try it out, for free, right here!

Practise memorisation

To do well in your final exams, you’re going to need to be able to recall large amounts of information. So it’s worth getting regular practice in from the start. Once or twice every study session, try closing the book, covering up your notes and seeing how much you can remember of what you’ve just learned. Flashcards are a quick, cheap and easy way to memorise key bits of info ahead of your exam or timed essay.

Learn to focus

There are more ways than ever to waste time while studying (we’re looking at you, YouTube). Before you know it, you’ve spent an entire day ‘stuck indoors with your books’… without actually learning anything at all. One solution is to commit to short bursts of intense, uninterrupted study. Turn off your phone - you'll thank us later.

Talk it over

Studying isn’t just about learning what your lecturers tell you. It’s about getting to grips with the subject, making interesting connections and, even, coming up with your own theories and ideas. Talking things through with course mates can help you organise your thoughts. It’s also a useful opportunity to hear different insights and perspectives.

Take a break

The memory-boosting effects of taking a break have been demonstrated through countless studies, dating back more than 100 years. Put simply, your brain retains information better if you rest it completely for 10 or 15 minutes after learning something new. So while it might feel more virtuously to soldier on for six straight hours, it actually pays to give yourself a break.

Eat, sleep, exercise

All of them have been proven to boost productivity and brainpower. Check out the Wellbeing section of the pack for more info...

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