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Paperclip is a free online marketplace for buying, selling, swapping and freecycling secondhand items

Getting started

Instantly explore thousands of items for sale around you. Once you've found something you like, why not make an offer? This could be an item swap, a cash bid, or a combination of both.

Selling an item is just as easy as buying one. Simply take a photo, name your item, and within seconds you can be receiving offers from others nearby. Don't be afraid to press the 'negotiate' button if you're feeling frisky!

Find new things to fall in love with, or find a new home for the stuff you used to love.



Imagine being able to make your own marketplace with your friends, family, street or school... well now you can!

Paperclip Groups allow you to buy, sell, swap and freecycle with members within your community. If you don’t find exactly what you want you can always add an item request to your group for the community to help.


Create or join public and private marketplaces based on your interests, relationship, or location and trade as part of a trusted community

Friends & family

Create a marketplace for only your nearest and dearest.


Get your neighbours, class mates, colleagues involved to buy and sell with trusted members of your community.

Hobbies & interests

Choose from thousands of local interest groups, or create your own, you never know who else enjoys what you do.

Trade center

We've made it easy to track all of your offers, messages and negotiations by putting them all in one place...the Trade Center. It's the one-stop-shop for managing all of your buying, selling and swapping activity.


Our messaging service was designed to mimic that of a real-life negotiation. You're able to make offers, negotiate, send photos and share your location through chat - simply press the magic blue button during a conversation to get started.

Love it

Finally an app doing something different but keeping it simple!

by Sophie Browne - App store

High Five!

Bold move removing the price but I think it's amazing!

by Kyle Smith - App store

Highly Recommend!

Love groups! Great way to meet like minded people as well

by Lauren Thatcher - App store

Clean & Easy

I actually enjoyed selling my sofa, quick and easy

by Brian Duhigg - App store

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