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Meet the Team: Keith

Good evening from Paperclip HQ!

We're back with another instalment of our new(ish) 'Meet the Team' series. Today we're meeting Keith, our Chief Commercial Officer. As his title would suggest, Keith is the main man when it comes to developing Paperclip's commercial strategy and building relationships with our beloved customers and partners. We sat down to talk about life at tech start-up, the circular economy...and ramen noodles.

Now we've already met his pet pooch Jasper, but let's hear from the man himself...

Hey Keith! Would you like to introduce yourself to the blogosphere?

Hi I'm Keith and I'm the CCO at Paperclip. I've been with the company a little over two years now. Prior to joining the team, I worked at a social media start-up aimed at university students, and prior to that I worked at UCAS Media.

So what's a typical day in the life of Keith?

As Paperclip is a start-up, my working days are quite varied, but I will generally have a video call with Paperclip’s CEO Rich and members of the Marketing and Design teams. Developing proposals for customers or prospective customers takes up much of my day and often I will be looking at market analysis and debating our strategic approach with Rich. I tend to end my working day reviewing the new items that have been listed on Paperclip and seeing what items have been traded.

What do you like about working at Paperclip?

The people and the proposition. We have a great bunch of hard-working and creative people at Paperclip who are united behind the vision, “to change the way people think about their possessions”. We're enabling people to buy and sell unwanted items, or to rent instead of buying, reducing waste, helping the environment - and people's pockets.

What project that you enjoyed working on the most here?

That’s easy, “Listings never Leave”. The whole team Paperclip got involved with this and it’s a feature that really will transform how people think about the things they own.

Do you have any pets?

Jasper the beagle. He’s just over a year old and is quite a handful. Other beagle owners will know what I mean.  But he is a really lovely dog and a big part of our family life.

Question: do you think Jasper gets his own way a lot of the time?
What's your favourite movie?

It’s difficult to narrow down to just one film. I like Chinatown, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining...most films with Jack Nicholson. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with Gary Oldman is also a favourite.

If you could pick anywhere in the world to visit, where would it be?

I would love to go to Japan. There seems just so much to do there. Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, the Bullet train and of course ramen!

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