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New feature: ITEM ALERTS

New Feature Alert!

Welcome to Item Alerts. Each month we've been adding a single 'high-impact, low-effort' update to the current version of Paperclip while version 2.0 of Paperclip is in development. We normally do this by fitting in a 3 day development sprint somewhere in to the development schedule for that month. In a perfect world, we would then test it on the Thursday and fix/release it on the Friday. However, in reality we normally spend about a week or so testing and refining it, and then shove it into the app like a tiny duckling with one disproportionate leg three times the size of the other being shoved into a lake for the first time, left to sink or swim. Just kidding, we shove gently and with compassion over here at Paperclip HQ.

This month we had a few options in the features pool, stemming from various discussions over the past few months. We settled on something that we feel adds a lot of value; item alerts

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Item alerts will notify you when something you want gets added nearby to you

Following our latest update, users opening Paperclip for the first time since the update will be presented with a pop-up box asking them to choose up to three keywords. Once saved, you'll receive a push notification whenever one of your requested items becomes available near you. 

We feel this feature will definitely help our users get the most out of Paperclip, and it's worth noting that we're offering this feature - along with everything else - completely for free (unlike one of our competitors, who shall remain nameless but rhymes with Spock).



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