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Meet the new ‘Clips: Introducing Petr, Laurence & Ana…

A warm welcome to the new members of the Paperclip family...

Paperclip are delighted to introduce to you the new members of staff who recently joined the existing team at our Cardiff HQ...

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(L-R) Petr, Ana & Laurence

This week we are welcoming our new PR & Communications Manager, Laurence from Yorkshire, Back-End Developer Petr from Brno and our new Junior Designer Ana, who joins us from sunny Spain. We managed to squeeze a few moments into their busy schedules to find out a little bit more about them, why they joined us and how they are finding their first week at Paperclip.

How did you hear about Paperclip and what made you click apply?

Laurence: "I actually found out about Paperclip through my partner. She'd read about the app on Business News Wales and how we were working with her alma mata - Cardiff University. I had a little poke around online, got to grips with the concept and found out how Rich and Alan had managed to secure investment from some really interesting sources. Not only that, but they were looking for someone to take over their comms and social media! I picked up the phone, sent over a CV, came in for a chat and the rest is history...."

Ana: "I was working whilst finishing my degree at La Rijoa School of Design this summer. I always wanted to experience life abroad and wanted to sharpen my skills in an unfamiliar environment. After speaking with my tutor at the time and she suggested I take a look at the Erasmus+ program. I sent over some examples of my work. I had an interview with Alan and Rich, now I'm here!"

And yourself, Petr?

Petr: "I started doing bits of work for the Paperclip project when I was working for another company in the Czech Republic. At the time Paperclip was just a startup project, so I can say that I have been somewhat involved with Paperclip from it's birth. When Rich sent me an offer to work directly with Paperclip, I didn't hesitate to take the opportunity."

Could you guys tell us a little more about your background?

Laurence: "My background is very much rooted in the world of digital content management and media planning. I graduated with a Politics degree and began writing online content for charities and community projects in South Wales. I became a freelance media consultant for SMEs and started building my own portfolio. Then I found out about Paperclip and it seemed like a perfect fit."

Petr: "After graduating from Industrial High school in Sumperk, I moved to Brno city to specialise in IT. After three years of study, I graduated at Brno University of Technology with a Bachelor's degree. Now I am studying a Master's degree at Masaryk University in Brno which will be concluding early next year."

What about yourself Ana?

Ana: "Growing up I always loved photography and fashion magazines. I began getting more and more interested in interior design and then in illustration and branding. When I finished my studies I started working full-time at a studio in Barcelona. It was a great experience and really helped me develop my skills."

And how are you finding your first few days on the job?

Laurence: "Loads of new names and faces but I'm getting there. The office is great and we have a young, dynamic team who are always bouncing ideas off one another. It's a really exciting time to get involved with the company."

Ana: "It is my first job outside of Spain so there's a lot to learn but I really like it. The staff are great and I am already getting started on my first project!"

Petr: "The same! I'm really enjoying it, the staff are nice and the working environment isn't too stressful."

And how are you finding life in Cardiff?

Anna: "It's a really nice place. Everyone seems relaxed and friendly. I haven't got used to the weather yet, it's very different to Barcelona! I only arrived last week so I am looking forward to finding out more about the city."

Laurence: "I came here to study almost ten years ago and just never left. It's a great city for young people, students and entrepreneurs. There's a great buzz about the place and you can see why it's always listed as one the UK's top cities to live and work."

Petr: "Though I am here now, I will be working remotely from Brno most of the time. I do like coming to Cardiff though, it is a little less hectic than Brno. I could certainly imagine living here the future."

Tell us more about what you will be doing at Paperclip HQ?

Ana: "I will be working with our in-house Graphic Designer Steve. He's working on some exciting new projects as we roll out the desktop version of Paperclip*. We will be working on visual content for the website and for social media. I think I am going to learn a lot here and I have some ideas of my own."

Petr: "My role is Back-End Developer. I'm responsible for API parts and database work. I will also be deploying a lot of new API features soon among other things."

Laurence: "I am going to be taking over the Paperclip Blog, social media channels and PR duties. Paperclip are fresh new outfit and have a lot to say. It's my job to make sure that we're getting the right information across to the right people."

We are delighted to have all three on board and we really hope that Ana, Petr and Laurence find themselves at home at Paperclip HQ.

If you are interested in joining the Paperclip family, check out our vacancies page here.


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Delighted to be on board guys!

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It is my very first time visiting your blog and I am very fascinated. Thank you for sharing and keep up 😉

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