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Say hello to the new ‘Clips: Introducing Jacob and Sebastiano

This week we welcome Sebastiano, our new Junior Sales Executive and Jacob, who will be working with the marketing team.

Sebastiano joins us all the way from Italy and Jacob from Spain. We caught up with them to see how they are settling in at Paperclip HQ.

How did you hear about Paperclip and what made you want to work here?

Sebastiano: "I am currently studying International Business & Languages at Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Holland. I crossed paths with Paperclip through my University. My course offers me the possibility to do a 6-month internship in my third year and I was delighted when Paperclip offered me a position of Junior Sales."

Jacob: "I am currently studying a degree in Journalism with Advertising and PR and I also love learning languages and discovering new places and cultures. I decided to join Paperclip simply because their internship offer seemed really attractive to me."

Could you tell us a little more about your background?

Jacob: "I grew up in Spain but until recently I have been living in China. Here I was studying and teaching English to the local community. I saw astonishingly beautiful places and tried great food. I would recommend everyone to go there!"

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Jacob and Sebastiano at Paperclip HQ


And yourself, Sebastiano...

Sebastiano: "I grew up in Italy and then later studied in Holland. During my first two years of university started working as one of the 'Stenden Ambassadors'. The Stenden Ambassadors are essentially students that work for the marketing department of Stenden University of Applied Sciences and are in charge of helping new prospective students in their enrolling process as well as making presentations in their own home country’s High Schools or at Student Fairs. During these weeks spent in your own home country, in my case Italy, you would visit loads of schools and run presentations for the students. It was a great experience for me."

And how are you finding life at Paperclip HQ?

Jacob: "This is a very nice company with great people working in it. Here I find that any idea I can give is considered, and we all together work towards some goal - that is really cool. The office hours are quite flexible too, which I think is great.
The app is also great, so I think working here can give me new knowledge about lots of things. I am having a good time here and my tasks involve communicating, which is something I love. Then, the office is really nice and my workmates too!"

Sebastiano: "I feel the same, though I have only been here a few days I feel at home and enjoy my role here."

What are your plans for the future?

Jacob: "Regarding my future, I am still not sure of what I want to do, as I think I am still quite young and have to try different stuff. But the idea of being a doctor and researcher at uni appeals to me, so I'm thinking about doing PhD in Advertising and Marketing. I am really into sport too so I would love mixing both things somehow."

Sebastiano: "I plan to finish my current studies and then complete a Masters degree in marketing and then start my career in said field."

We wish Jacob and Sebastiano all the best and hope they enjoy their new roles at Paperclip.

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