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Paperclip sponsor SUCES

The squad at Paperclip HQ are excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Swansea University Conservation and Ecology Society for the 2020 Spring term.

Expanding the Swansea SoM marketplace

Back in 2016, we launched a test marketplace for students studying at Swansea University's School of Management. The platform started life as a final year project for a group of undergrad Business and Management students. Little did we know, the user base would continue to grow organically as more and more Swansea SoM students began trading their old books, clothes and uni essentials on campus.

Three years later, we reached out the team at Swansea Students' Union with a expansion strategy that would include a re-brand and a roll out to all students currently enrolled at the university. Within a few weeks, the old marketplace had levelled-up and almost 1,000 students had been onboarded to their new trading platform.

Linking up with the Conservation Soc'

As a thank you to the Students' Union for letting us expand the platform further, we set aside some of the revenue generated from the marketplace in order to sponsor a student society.

As sustainability and environmental protection has never been so important, we decided to speak with the head of the Conservation and Ecology Society (SUCES) in order to create a formal partnership.

SUCES, Paperclip, conservation
SUCES on the conservation trail

Speaking about the good work the society does on and off campus, Secretary Maria Oliviera said, "The society offers a wide range of volunteering events, photography competitions, study sessions, socials, workshop, lecturers as well as charity fundraising opportunities and collaborations with other societies. We organise our own events for members we work closely with other groups such as Swansea Uni’s Biosciences Department and Sustainability Team to promote environmental awareness."

After explaining how our campus marketplaces have already helped thousands of UK students reduce waste on campus by buying second hand, we decided explore partnership options.

A helping hand for sustainable students...

As of 2020, Paperclip will be sponsoring a number of memberships for the
Conservation and Ecology Society. This means that students who may be struggling financially can now join the society and attend these great events, without having to worry about the joining fee.

We will also be helping the society with paid social campaigns and promotion on campus.

With our values aligning so closely, and off the back of our success working with some of the greenest universities in the country, this partnership seems like a match made in heaven.

Watch the space for updates on this exciting partnership...

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