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Spotlight on: Summer ’22 update

Good evening blogosphere!

We're bringing you another exciting update from PCHQ...

Here at Paperclip, our team are always striving to provide our beloved trading community with best user experience possible. We've been collecting feedback from our users, new and old, to find out what's working well and what we can improve on. We found some potential quick-wins (small tweaks to the platform that'll help our users save time searching and categorising their items) but also some more 'weighty' modifications to the platform that we'll be working on throughout the summer.

That being said, the latest version of Paperclip comes strapped with a load of new features to make the browsing, buying and selling processes quicker and easier than ever before.

User Bios

First off, we have User Bios. This long-awaited addition to the platform has been requested by a number of our top sellers. If you're one of our users who's adding dozens, even hundreds of items, to their social inventory, it's a good idea to let potential buyers know what to expect before they embark on an epic scrolling session.

Likewise, if you're off on your summer hols and want to let buyers you might be a little while getting back to them, this is a perfect place to leave a short note.

As always, we've tried to make the process of setting and changing your bio and quick and easy as possible...

All you need to do is head to your profile and click the 'Settings' tab. If you've updated your app, you'll now see a new option; 'Bio'. Select the option and add up to 120 characters...and yes, emojis are permitted.

User profile items search

You now have ability to search your own and others' for sale and inactive items!

Let's say you're loving a seller's trainer collection, but you want to see if they have a pair of brogues for sale, you can just tap it into the search bar and you'll get your answer straight away.

You can also quickly locate your own items that're for sale or marked as inactive by repeating the process on your own Profile.

Add your item directly to a group

This next update can maximise your chances of finding a new home for your preloved items and save you a heap of time...

Now when you're adding an item for sale, you'll be given the option to add it directly into the groups you own and the ones you are a member of. Rather than having to head over to each group individually and add your items once they've been listed on your profile, now you can do it as part of the 'add item process'. Not only that, but Paperclip will suggest to you a list of groups we think might appreciate the listing.

Paperclip Groups have already proven to be a really effective way of getting your items in front of the right people. They've also helped countless buyers find what their looking for in these micro-marketplace for likeminded individuals.

For a deep dive on Paperclip Groups, check out our Spotlight on: Paperclip Groups blog post from a little while back.

Rest assured, we're not stopping here. We have a whole load of new features in development and another update on the horizon. Make sure you stay tuned to our blog for all the latest news from Paperclip HQ.

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