How do I filter items on the feed?

When on the item feed page you will see a bar at the top of the feed which will say something like ‘Everything within 1 mile’, if you click on that it will take you to the filter page where you can decide how you would like to filter your search.

Quick Filters

 - Free: This will show all items that are free

- Following: This will only show items that people you are following have added

- New: This will show new items that have been added in the last few days

- Trending: This will show the hot/trending items in your area


 You can filter on your favourite categories so you only see those types of items e.g if you only want clothes then you will click ‘Fashion & beauty’


If you want to only see items within a certain distance of you then you can use the distance bar and select how many miles you want to view items from.


You can change the location to only show items from a particular location.

Posted within

If you only want to see items posted with a particular time period then choice one of the 4 options.