How do I make an offer?

We are so emotional right now, you want to make your first trade, we are so proud of you! 

When browsing through items, tap the item you want to make an offer for. You will then see a 'Make offer' button on your screen which will then allow you to make an offer.

This is where it gets interesting and why we are AMAZING! When making an offer you can now either:

1. Make a cash offer: If you don't have an item to offer then you can just make a cash offer. To do this click the ‘Cash Offer’, then enter the amount you want to offer and click ‘Confirm Offer’.

2. Swap an item: If you have an item you want to swap for the one you want then you just select the ‘Item Swap Offer’, select which item/items you want to offer for the swap and click ‘Confirm Offer’.

3. Make a combo offer: If you really like the item but don't have an item or enough cash to get the item, you can now make a combo offer. This means you can offer a cash amount and up to 3 items to make sure you nail the trade. So, you could offer £10 plus an item, or you could offer 2 to 3 of your items, or you could offer £10 and 3 items. To do this select the ‘Item and Cash Offer’. 

Sorry for the long spiel but we are just so excited about the different ways you can get what you want on Paperclip!