Our safety tips

Paperclip’s number one priority has and always will be our users’ safety and satisfaction. Although the vast majority of online transactions and even interactions are uneventful, we do like to encourage our users to always exercise caution and most importantly common sense. This will ensure our users always have a great experience when using Paperclip. Offline and online classifieds have been used for decades across the world but here are some safety tips to help you:

· Meeting in person in order to exchange goods – always remember:

     - Meet in a busy public space e.g. a Café, Supermarket, or a Leisure Centre

     - Meet during the day

     - Take a friend with you

     - Let someone else know your plans

     - Have a mobile phone with you in case you need to call for help

     - When dealing with larger items like a fridge, it may be easier to meet the buyer/seller at home. For these instances we recommend you bring some else with you and follow the above tips as well.

· Only use cash to complete a transaction (unless you are swapping items). Be wary of those users who want to deal in something other than cash.

· Always use the secure on-platform Paperclip payment method when sending money.

· Never transfer money straight into someone’s bank account. There is no security when transferring money and if something goes wrong it is largely unrecoverable.

· Never give out personal or financial information…. ever!

· If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is and its best to avoid that user, there are so many great deals on Paperclip.

· Build up confidence with the other user by chatting to them using the Paperclip messaging system, do not give out your personal information such as your phone number or email address.

· Always certify your trade using the Paperclip functionality, do not agree a trade through just messaging as Paperclip cannot track and monitor the trade.

· Check out the other users’ profile and reviews to get an understanding of what they are like.

· Before completing a transaction ensure that you have examined the item and ensured that it is in the condition you agreed to buy it in. If it is not then politely decline the transaction, you have every right to do this.

· When buying or swapping a vehicle ensure all the correct paperwork and transfer of ownership is correct.

· If you are defrauded by a user, then please do go to the police with evidence of this. We will always provide all the information that is required by the police to help solve this issue.

Paperclip uses a mixture of human and AI to maintain and monitor Paperclip to ensure it is a safe and clean environment for our users. However, if you do spot an item or user or is attempting to decisive our users please do let us know so we can take appropriate action.

Please remember that the vast majority of transactions go through smoothly and is a pleasant experience for all parties included, the above is just some added advise to ensure it remains that way.