How do payments work?

OK, so now we get to the important stuff...

Selling an item

So after you have received an offer on an item, and you accept it, you need to confirm the trade by pressing the 'Mark as Sold' button.

After that, nobody else will be able to table a bid for the item in question.

Once delivery has been agreed and the item begins its journey to the buyer, you can mark the item as 'Dispatched'.

When the item has made its way to the buyer, they mark the item as 'Received'.

Once the item has been recieved, or 5 days have elapsed since the item was marked as 'Sold', the funds are released your wallet. Once the funds are released, can be withdrawn to your stated bank account. Until the item is marked 'Recieved'/5 days have passed since the item was sold, all funds are held in escrow.

You will need a valid UK passport, driving licence or provisional licence to make withdrawls to your bank account.

Dont forget to leave ask the buyer to leave a review, we want our best sellers to be rewarded and to create a trusting trading community. 

If there is a problem, either from the buyer or seller, you can raise a dispute. You can contact the team at Paperclip HQ directly at: 

Once the dispute is raised, the team will investigate the matter within 48 hours. In most cases, funds will be refunded either side.