Signing up and creating a profile

You can browse on Paperclip without signing up but as soon as you want to make an offer, add an item, or join a group then you need to sign up to take full advantage of Paperclip.  

 There are 2 ways in which you can sign up: 

   1.    Facebook login: Login using your Facebook account, it’s the quickest and easiest method as it only takes one click

   2.    Email sign up: Use any verified email address you have and create a unique password

Once signed up there are some additional very quick steps to get the most out of your account:

· Add a profile photo: People want to see the face of the person they are trading with. You can take a photo or using an existing one.

· Username: Creating a unique username allows other users to search for you

· Set your location: Use your current GPS location or set a location

· Select your favourite deals: Let us know what you would be interested in so we can show recommended items

· Select your favourite groups: Join groups you like. Groups are a great way to join with sellers of a similar interest