October 24, 2020 · Comments Off on Setting up your wallet

Setting up your wallet

Before you start your selling journey with Paperclip, you have to set up your Wallet.

Don't worry, it's super simple. 

First off, we will ask you to confirm a few details; just type in your name, date of birth, nationality and country of residence and press 'Save'.

You will then be asked to add a photo ID. Just take a photo of either your passport or driver's licence and upload by pressing the button when prompted.

Next, we will ask you for your bank details so you can withdraw money once you have made your first sale - how exciting... 

P.S. we never share your details. They’re only used by our payment provider for your withdrawals. 

Press 'Save' and you're all good to go.

You can make changes to your details, check your balance and view your payments history on the My Wallet page at any time.S