What is a response rate?

A user’s response rate is an indication of their Paperclip etiquette, so you will know how often a user responds to messages or offers. If a user’s response rate is above 80% then they are a top Paperclip user, who respond instantly and consistently.

If a user’s response rate is between 50 and 79% then they are responsive but not as quickly as we would like but we understand that people are busy.

Below 50% indicates that a user can take a while to respond or has not responded to some people in the past.

Below 20% means a user can no longer add an item to sell until their response rate goes above 20%.

The response rate allows you to make a decision on whether you want to try engage or make an offer with a particular user based upon how active and responsive they are. One of the biggest annoyances user’s face on marketplace’s is when other user’s do not respond.