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Paperclip partner with Sustainable Wales

Some exciting news from Paperclip HQ...

In our last blog post we promised you that we'd be releasing further details about our new sustainability initiative throughout the summer months. Today, we are delighted to be able to announce the first of our charity partnerships. From August onwards, Paperclip will be providing an online selling platform for environmental charity, Sustainable Wales.

Sustainable Wales are based in Porthcawl on the south Wales coast. Established in 1997, the charity have instigated countless community-based environmental projects and activities, as well as offering support, training and facilitating events; providing mentoring and volunteer experiences. The team also work closely with community groups and networks across Wales.

The charity was founded by environmentalist and activist Margaret Minhinnick and writer Robert Minhinnick with the mission "to seek a low carbon and resource efficient future, to promote the protection of biodiversity and enhanced environmental security, and to value our culture, social progress and community well-being."

For the last 15 years, Sustainable Wales has also project-support the high street ethical community cooperative SUSSED Wales, in Porthcawl. The shop specialises in people and planet-friendly products; specifically, Fairtrade, environmentally-friendly, plastic free and local goods. Not only this, but the charity has also developed The Green Room, an independent venue and small cultural centre, scheduling a series of events, performance, talks and debates.

Partnering with Paperclip

To kick off our sustainability initiative, we decided to reach out to some local charities to help them raise awareness and increase revenue from online sales of their donated stock.

After some initial discussions earlier in the summer, we decided to trial an online shop for goods donated to Sustainable Wales. This would give the charity an opportunity to increase their reach, providing them a platform to showcase their products online, not just in their high street unit.

The Sustainable Wales Paperclip store

Within a couple of days of launching on Paperclip, significant interest had been generated within our userbase and the charity was making sales on the platform. The store now boasts a great selection of womenswear, menswear and entertainment items for sale with new items being added every week.

Speaking about the new project Director Margaret Minhinnick said, "We are very grateful to Paperclip for supporting our work. This type of partnership development is also welcome especially on a day when it has been announced that the planet is on ‘red-alert’ because of climate change.”

Paperclip CMO Laurence Denison added, "The Paperclip team are thrilled to be working alongside Sustainable Wales. The charity runs some really important projects in the community, and we are delighted to be helping them generate some extra revenue from our marketplace. We look forward to working together on more exciting initiatives over the coming months."

You can check out their Paperclip store here or get involved with any upcoming Sustainable Wales projects here.

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