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We got into Entrepreneurial Spark!

Evening, and yes - I know it has been a while...

Well the good news is, looks like we're going to be going ahead and closing our third major round of funding this month. But of course nothing is ever definite, so I can't say for sure yet... but looks like we'll be raising enough to help us smash 2017, and appointing 4 new advisors to our advisory board - they have experience as CEOs, CFOs of publicly listed companies - and one even invented the remote control vibrator! (not even joking).

But all of this is being worked on behind the scenes, so it would be prudent to keep our mouths shut about it for now.

One thing that we CAN say for sure, however, is... we got into Natwest's accelerator - the Entrepreneurial Spark programme! Read more about the programme here.

The accelerator will run from February, and will provide us with mentorship, support, and (arguably best of all)... sweet office space, conveniently located across the river from our current digs. Uncomfortably close in fact.

Anyway, more news will follow near Christmas, when we will be launching our ever-so-shiny-and-awesome version 2.0!

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