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Launching Paperclip web version

Web version launch

Happy Friday Blogosphere,

Hot on the heels of the release of version 2.0 of our app, the team at Paperclip HQ are excited to announce the launch the new web version of our marketplace.

After months of designing, testing, testing and more testing, the online version is finally here. Let's us talk you through our process and some of the features of our new project...


We began work on the web version all the way back in January of this year. We began exploring what options were available for potential users who were less likely to use an application, but still wanted to access our marketplace. After a lengthy analysis of the competition, we found that almost all surveyed users all had similar gripes.

What's the problem?

Turns out there wasn't one problem with the 'marketplace market', there were three:

1.) Fees explosion

Type 'avoid' into Google and you are hit with a number of suggestions, but you can guarantee 'avoid eBay fees' will top that list.

web, web version, app, buy, swap, sell

Type in eBay and the picture becomes even clearer...

web, web version, app, buy, swap, sell

Search any of the above, and you are confronted with a myriad blogs speculating and pontificating about said fees.

One thing was clear, users of the popular online marketplace were talking and Paperclip heard you loud and clear!

We decided to replicate our no fee concept across all versions of the marketplace: free to use, no listing fees, no transaction fees, no deductions from the price you agree!

2.) Outdated interfaces

Complacency from the market leaders has meant that buyers and sellers haven't seen any real improvements in their user experience since they first logged in ten years ago.

We at Paperclip have always taken great pride our style, branding and ease of access for the end user.

The team worked day and night to transfer Paperclip's bright, clean and easy to use style from the app to the web version. We created a beautiful, totally bespoke interface with a focus on both style and functionality.

3.) Death by ad


It turns out users don't like them.

Our web version doesn't have ads. Simple.

The road to revolution

For a project of this size, the Paperclip army needed reinforcements. We managed to find some top home-grown talent in Gethin and Harry, two front end web developers with experience working with some great domestic start-ups. We had to look a little further for our CTO, Petr. Petr hails from Brno in the Czech Republic and was certainly the right man for the job.

In April, we got together with Steve, our talented graphic designer and began creating our new version.

Six months later we began testing the platform. Then we kept testing. And then we tested some more.

Launching Paperclip web version

After a few minor hiccups, we were ready to bring the version to market.

From today, users can buy, sell and swap from their PC, Mac, tablet, phone or any other device.

Wanna try for yourself? Click to access the marketplace here.



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